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Morey 100 trees uprooted and banners flying in the air on Monday afternoon after heavy rains and thunderstorms. Cars were damaged when tree trunks fell on them, and long slides were reported due to flooding in both Noida and Grater Noida.
In Noida, about 50 trees were uprooted and 60-70 other branches were broken. “Our teams are on the field to clear the trees and clear the roads as soon as possible,” said Indu Prakash, a special operations officer at the Oyida Authority.
Rajiva Singh, a resident of Sector 50 Stella King’s Court, was struck by a thunderstorm that knocked down several trees and damaged cars parked under them. “Many cars were damaged by trees and branches. “Four cars in Sector 50 were parked in the open.”
Prakash confirmed. “We have received reports that cars parked in the square were damaged after being hit by trees. When it is raining, people should try to park their vehicles in covered areas.
Meanwhile, a large stockpile collapsed at Sector 14A at the entrance to the DCP (Traffic) office, but did not cause any damage. According to traffic police, they soon made adjustments.
At a Sector 18 market, a rickshaw-trailer flew by, narrowly escaping and crashing into three wheels. Pawan Goel, president of Sector 48 RW, said the stock at the sector’s main entrance had collapsed. “Fortunately, no one was hurt. We want the Noida Authority to check for such accumulated funds before the rains fall. Such accidents can be devastating, ”he added.
A large tree fell on Film City Road around Sector 15A, interrupting traffic on the Noida-Grater Noida Expressway. The rain stopped traffic on the DND Flyway and the highway between 6-8 p.m. Traffic in the lower 60 lanes of the sector has also been reduced.
On Monday evening, Noida’s traffic control department received several calls about congestion and water congestion. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ganesh Prasad Saha, the groups received the information and uprooted the trees. “They cleared the road in an hour. We have shared information on traffic restrictions on social media for travelers to choose alternative routes.
In the Great Noida, about 70 trees were uprooted and another 100 branches were broken. Gaurav Bagel, assistant manager of the Department of Horticulture at the Noida Industrial Development Authority, said. “Our teams are working in various sectors to remove fallen trees and clean up areas,” he said.
Harinder Bati, a resident of Beta 1 in Greater Noida, fell several trees in the Alpha, Beta, and Delta sectors. “A large tree fell on a Delta 1 car and was completely damaged,” he added.
According to Jet Singh, a resident of Sector 36, a large tree damaged the local electrical panel. “We have immediately notified the Grand Nomination and the Department of Energy that they are trying to rectify the situation,” he added.
Despite the severe damage, the rains did not help the NRC. On Monday, Noida recorded a maximum of 39.3 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 26.2 degrees Celsius. The city recorded a maximum of 40.1 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 28.8 degrees Celsius on Sunday. IMD said the Safarjung station in New Delhi recorded 17.8 mm of rain on Monday.

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