Brenley Garden Event “Hit the Top Note” and there are many “amazing concerts” in the store

The Bringley Gardens Free Band Concerts was a great success and the John Hamilton Big Band hosted a large crowd in the hot sun.

Unsurprisingly Sunday afternoon, as people toured the Brenley Gardens in Midton, Kent, the music was loud and uplifting.

This was the first of five band concerts sponsored by the Madison District Council through the Welcome Fund.

Today, Saturday, September 11, the upcoming two Saturday concerts will also be held in Banding, beginning at 1pm, featuring a mix of live music from local bands and actors – from India and People to Blues and Acoustics. The second of these will be held on Saturday, September 18.

The following Sunday afternoon concert will begin at 3pm and will feature the Invista Jazz Orchestra, which has been a major contributor to past band performances.

Clare Margaret Rose, who went to the concert, said: “We were thrilled to start these amazing concerts in Brenley Gardens on Sunday, with the music of John Hamilton Big Band and their two great vocalists.

“We were all having a wonderful afternoon, the sun was shining and the music hit the record high. Thank you for all the play and the song and thank MBC for making this wonderful afternoon music. ”

Midston District Council Chair David Burton also enjoyed the afternoon entertainment. “It was a wonderful afternoon,” he said. We sat on benches in the gardens and enjoyed the music and the atmosphere.

Goodbye to all concerned. Please spread the word to friends who may not know about these free events.

The weather is not guaranteed, but the quality of the music. All concerts are free to attend so why not spend a relaxing afternoon in one of the most beautiful open spaces in Midton. If all seats are full, remember to take a reclining seat.

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