Brenna Taylor celebrated with a peaceful renovated-reality garden

Say her name with flowers in your mouth – that is what Brenna Taylor’s sister wants from people who have visited the added reality garden created to honor her sister who died in Miami Art Week.

The 26-year-old medical worker recalls the “Brenna Garden” memorial, which was shot dead by police during an attack on an apartment, and the power of art change, even among celebrities around the famous Art Basel.

The interactive garden can be viewed in person on Sunday near the Perez Art Museum or via the online app at Morris A.Fare Park. After making his debut at the Tribeka Festival, he came to the Miami Arts Festival.

Taylor’s sister, Junia Palmer, said in a statement: “Now is the time to make her name known.

The garden, filled with Taylor’s favorite things like flowers and butterflies, was created by artist and keeper Lady Phoenix and Palmer and was originally intended to be a safe place for family and friends to grieve online.

But as Taylor’s story unfolded in the country, the women, the idea, were expanded to come forward with the Black Live Case and use “no knock” policies, to give the people a place to grieve. He said.

Last year, Taylor was shot dead after officers in a narcotics group beat her to break into her apartment. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was shot in the head and later thought to be a hacker.

A group of volunteer artists helped bring the vision to life.

The virtual park blooms in real time, with a peaceful Taylor flowing hair and shiny gown, a bouquet of your favorite flowers – tulip – as it emerges from the romantic highway surrounded by plants and animals.

Viewers can record messages by leaving words of comfort and encouragement for the next visitor. The Palmer Hologram and the glittering flowers also contain messages from Brenna’s friends and family.

And while the images of the garden are peaceful, the creators say that the artwork is a protest against the news of gun violence.

“Brenna died in a violent world,” Lady Phoenix said in a statement. But she lives in peace, surrounded by beautiful memories, butterflies, and things she loves.

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