Brexit LIVE: Boris urges UK to reopen trade deal with EU to raise ሊዮን 1 billion

The Horticultural Trade Association (HTTA) is leading the call, and exports and restrictions on exports to the European Union have plummeted in the first six months of the year. According to a study by the British Gardening and Landscaping Agency, live exports from the UK to the European Union from January to June this year are estimated at 7 9.7 million.

This is down from ሚሊዮን 16 million in the same period in 2019, a 39 percent reduction.

The union argues that a new multibillion-pound plant agreement could boost Britain’s economic growth in the plant and horticulture sector and stimulate global trade after Brexit.

Ministers can review new standards and costs and come to a new agreement.

Officials argue that the European Union (EU) is still the largest market for fruits and vegetables in the UK, but also that the industry is not growing due to new management costs and restrictions.

This will result in British gardening businesses choosing not to pursue markets in the EU.

James Clark, director of policy and communications at the HTAA, said:

Most of the ቢሊዮን 24 billion horticulture industry is made up of small and medium-sized businesses (green businesses) that want to export the spectacular British plants, seeds and trees that we grow here.

However, bureaucratic barriers and huge costs make business safer and more resilient.

This is preventing SMEs from growing and leading a post-Brexit business renaissance.

“We need to spend a lot of time assessing the cost of inspections and certification, planning and administration costs, and delivery delays or failures,” said David Fየርrter, technical director at the seed company. Consumer confidence has diminished as we can now focus on growth in the EU as we control the limits on what we can export and these new practices.

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10 am update Urosetic outrage erupts over EU failure to deal with ‘real problems’ – Polish MEP emerges

European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) European Union (EU) The Polish parliament has warned.

Resar Zarnekki, a member of Poland’s legal and justice party MEP and former vice-president of the European Parliament, was among those crossing the Belarusian border and in the face of the controversial regime when Poland sought help. President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus finds itself in the spotlight during Olympic Games

9 AM Update: SNP Request for Reflection on Post-Brexit Migration Policy

For his part, Scottish Employment Minister Richard Lloyd urged Johnson to reconsider post-Brexit immigration policy to address HGV driver shortage.

In a letter to the UK government, he stated that “chronic skills deficit” was undermining Kovi’s recovery.

He added: “It is already clear that your harmful immigration ideas are restricting Scotland’s access to the international labor and skills needed to grow our economy and communities.”

8 AM Update – Clear supply is broken in Brexit HGV driver crisis

Consumers are experiencing shortages of the latest HGV driving crisis.

In Co-op stores, photos of empty shelves are posted online in the clear corridors, and the chain is recruiting 3,000 temporary workers to keep its shares.

A spokesman for the Coalition said: “Like many retailers, we have been hit hard by the riots.”

Britain has a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers, with some chains offering up to ራ 5,000 to keep them employed or attract workers.

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