Brighton ‘Land of Dreams’ campus will open in the fall of 2022

BrightStone Inc. The new 140-hectare campus will be opened in Franklin by the end of 2022 on Colombia Pike countryside.

Founded in 1999, the nonprofit organization provides space for adults with intellectual disabilities, as well as those who are challenged by mental illness, to grow, learn, work, and gain independence.

Earlier this month, with a visit from “Governor Bill Lee” and his wife, he announced that he was “in good shape” for the “bright land of Tennessee” for the “Dream Land” campus. . ”

Stage 1 includes the completed land acquisition, as well as the construction of infrastructure and a training center and two houses.

In total, the final building will have 23,000 square feet of classrooms, art and enterprise, a fruit and vegetable center, a retail store, a peer therapy arena and tables, a prayer house, a water center, a gymnasium and student housing.

BrightStone’s capital expansion will cost a total of $ 25 million and will expand the daily enrollment opportunities to accommodate 40 to 120 adults and 80 adults. The first facility was a 9,000-square-foot building.

Bresto Hawk, CEO and founder of Brestston, will receive a $ 43 million Regae gift during a visit to Franklin's $ 25 million campus on Friday, September 11, 2020.

According to a nonprofit organization, the expansion will enable students to have “progressive, creative and personalized approach, treatment options and learning opportunities,” for example, learning to cook on their own and learning new skills or jobs.

Overall, this will be the first of its kind in the state of Tennessee.

Thank you to our Brightstone students for being able to celebrate this important expansion program, expanded resources, and adult living opportunities with generous donors and community leaders who have made a significant difference. , ”Said Brenda Hawk, president of BrightStone.

Brightstone’s new campus is located at 4184 Columbia Pike, south of Franklin.

BrightStone CEO and Founder Brenda Hawke will visit the future non-profit $ 25 million campus in Franklin on Friday, September 11, 2020.  The campus will house new homes for adults with special needs and help them develop life skills.

Fundraising and general donations are underway. Learn more at

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