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Having won the title for 47 years, Robin Salmon, an artist and historian, has served under four presidents of the Brookings Institution and has seen significant changes along the way. The 69-year-old Salmon is currently the longest-serving employee of the 9,100-acre non-profit historical sculpture garden at Murles Inlet. BG first opened its doors to the public in A long list of activities and responsibilities focused on the arts, sculptures, historical archives, libraries and educational programs that are the heart and soul of this popular South Strand jewelry.

Sitting on a desk with a stack of books and sheets of paper, Salmon works in a large, crowded office in the Tarkbox House, named after Frank Tarbox, the plant’s first gardener and director in 1931. Tarbox Family Home.

“When people see my desk and office,” says Salmon, “they feel terrified or insane.” Her office and Tarbox House are housed in a mostly invisible invisible Brookgard Gardens. As the head of the department, which has a staff of six, Salmon seems to be able to perform her tasks efficiently.

“It’s our collection department, and that doesn’t mean it’s fundraising. We are in charge of art, history, libraries and archives.

Fighting Stallions, designed by Brook Green Gardens and designed by Hayat Huntington, greets visitors at the main entrance.

Salmon has a calm, quiet demeanor, long, thick white hair and many changes in her leadership with shining and shining eyes, changes she teaches in her long public program at Brook 101.

Salmon will open her new book and give a talk in early December, but she will move on to next spring. The luncheon / book launch was sponsored by publisher Linda Ketron at the famous Ketron Moving Party. Tickets for local, regional and national authors at local restaurants are available at or (843) 235-9600. Salmon Programs in Brookgreen Paradise.

“Brookgreen 101 started years ago as an additional program for staff and volunteers,” explains Salmon. [formalized it] He made it open to the public.

The program is held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 1pm, January-November, and is free to participate in the garden.

Salmon, concluding with the final text of the new book, states: “We will develop all kinds of topics.” One of her favorite topics is Anna Huntington, the founder of Brookgrin’s Garden. “We can talk about a variety of important people who have contributed to Brooklyn for many years.”

The program can be accessed online at, or at the Salmon office at (843) 235-6012.

When Salmon does not lead or write speeches – Salmon has produced six additional BJ-related topics – her daily activities vary, but at the beginning of her career her responsibilities are far from introductory.

“I got this job 47 years ago because I can type in the office,” she says. I phoned, paid bills, worked in a library, took vocabulary and worked in a small ticket booth. In many ways, I learned Brockgrin from the inside out.

Colombia, S.C. Indigenous, but for many years in the Grand Strand, Salmon studied history and art at the University of South Carolina. She is survived by her son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren living in Colombia. A college football fan, the student follows Gamecox, but just as much about the Conway coast of Carolina University Chantillers. Former CCU artist Brian Rap, director of the Brunch Gardens Master Sculpture, saw a 12-foot-tall bronze chanteller sculpture at the entrance of Brooks Stadium in Carolina.

Looking back on the years of change in the Bridgrin Paradise, Salmon says that for many years the gardens were strictly outside, and seeing new climate-controlled galleries on a regular basis and in rotating indoor plants was a big deal for Brooke.

“In 1994, we opened and opened the first real and permanent home,” Salmon said. This was a big change for Brookgreen. Once we added incoming and outgoing indoor exhibitions, many people began to visit to see what was new, and more importantly, guests began to visit the gardens regularly.

One year after her arrival, she recalls that Brookgrin Gardens celebrated her birthday in the United States. “In 1976, two hundred years ago, we had big programs outside of the house, cannons, reacters.

Says Salmon: “I used to go in and out every day until the end of the year, doing various jobs on the property, but now I have a very good staff, so I spend a lot of time writing and preparing. Although I do not plan to retire, I do have to think about replacement. I need to make sure that the people working in this section know what they need to know.

“We find sculptures, various works of art, historical objects, books, and historical records,” she says. “We decide where the sculpture will be placed, and then we do it. We regularly get permanent sculptures for placement. Earlier this year we put six new pieces, and there are 15 more.

(Left) Brian Rap, director of Wallace Master Sculpture Program, works in his studio in Brooklyn Greenland. (Right) Repeated and popular model train races are revisited during the Thousand Candle Nights, with many moving miniatures, including activities at Hogwart Castle.

“Brookgrin is well known in the United States for its iconic statue [new] Artists find us, but I have also been in contact with artists for years. Finding new jobs and setting up temporary shows is a big part of Salmon’s daily routine, but once a permanent outdoor home is available for sculpture, and on the spot, the real work begins.

“After the statue is placed outside the house, it needs to be taken care of,” she said. I have a full-time employee. We also have a conservator in a contract who does what we cannot do; Repair, welding, such a thing. Exterior sculptures, over time, only develop issues.

“In general, we have a workshop and residency program where we host two sculptures each year and offer up to 15 workshops. Of course, the plague has forced many to cancel, but they will return. Our teachers are professional sculptors from all over the US.

“We manage the change in indoor exhibitions – up to 6 years. We have libraries and archives (not open to the public). Staff and researchers are welcome to visit by appointment.

Salmon team members are busy designing and building an indoor model railroad display every year at Rosen Galleries for a thousand candlelight vigils.

“Harry Potter has become a popular addition to the model railroad,” she said, adding that she and her staff are busy attending meetings, answering visitors’ questions and planning new exhibitions.

Salmon says she is looking forward to her 5th festival and her book signing, and that “Brookrin 101” is available at the Letschfield Books, through Amazon and at the Brooks Gardens gift shop at Keepsakes.

Does she understand and remember her long career and the importance of her life as an institution?

“I think I realized my superiority when some of the younger ones called me ‘Miss Robin’, which was only for the elders when I was a kid, and now I’m okay, I understand.”

Brookgreen Paradise is located at US Hwy 17 in the Murrell venue. The gardens are generally open from 9 am 30 am to 5 pm for seven days, except in extreme weather. The gardens will host special evening events, including a thousand candlelight vigils. For information on tickets and schedules, visit www, or call 843-235-6000.


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