Brown’s shocking sniffing season came upon us again

During the 2021-22 brown-smelling BMSB, strong biological safety measures have been taken to control the risks associated with this significant pest.

According to Andrew Tong, head of biotechnology at the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, the 2021-22 BMSB disaster will apply to products made or exported from vulnerable countries. They also apply to ships sailing, loading or unloading from destructive countries.

“If BMSB is established here, it will have a significant impact on Australia’s agricultural and fruit production,” Mr Tong said.

“It is also a disturbing pest because it needs shelter in large numbers, buildings and equipment during the winter months. It smells bad when crushed or disturbed.

“They use trucks and trucks to roll over continents and oceans.

“The bug’s ability to hit, fly, and eat many plant hosts allows it to spread rapidly as it gets to new locations. It also has the ability to stay awake for longer periods of time.

“Last year, 232 brown-spotted bugs were tested on ships and vessels arriving in Australia.

“That is why, from September 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022, it has implemented improved measures for certain items shipped to Australia.

“This year we are targeting more exports and high-risk goods than ever before. Poland is a target country with 37 total target countries.

Ship operators who are closely monitored for loading and unloading ships will be reported, which will be required to carry out their ship and daily inspections on bio safety hazards.

“Some hazardous goods may also require compulsory beach treatment, but this must be done by a licensed beach care provider registered with the department.

I encourage importers to be aware of the steps to ensure a smooth process that does not endanger the safety of Australia’s bio.

For more information on current action on 2021-22, please visit the BMSB website.

The department recommends that serious hitchhiker pest management be considered

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