Building a sustainable marine food supply chain

Consulting Company based in British Columbia Postelsia It is building space-based solutions to transform complex marine food supply networks into direct supply chains.

Laura and Corey Pete named their company Postelsia After your favorite seaweed. Postelsia It grows only on the west coast of North America, where the waves are very strong. Couples believe that seaweed’s rich potential in difficult conditions is a viable option for sustainable food systems, aligning market realities with healthy planetary ecosystems.

Laura and Corey Pitt were originally founded by ocean, global environmental policy and marine science, respectively. Postelsia Consulting on aquaculture improvement projects in Southeast Asia in 2009. Traditional Certificates and Standards of Travel, Living and Consulting Years in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand show producers who do not adequately participate, expect, and specialize in small seafood. Postelsia At both ends of the spectrum, there are solutions to these challenges.

For the past seven years Postelsia It has worked with ASIC to address the social, environmental and monitoring challenges faced by stakeholders across Southeast Asia. ASIC is an innovation program that recognizes manufacturers based on international sustainability standards and helps connect innovators to more valuable markets. In this context, with thousands of small farmers, Cory told the Food Tank, “It is really a supply chain, not a supply chain. The problem is, how do you bring transparency and light to that web? ”

If this site is not clear, there is a risk of fraud and employee abuse. so that Postelsia Focuses on assessing more than environmental impact. Laura, who worked with ASIC for the Food Tank, said: “It has put us on the wrong track by focusing on how to integrate social sustainability into a formal process.” ASIC and Postelsia Stakeholders are involved in developing an ASIC social and gender standard that focuses on preventing forced labor, child labor, ensuring gender equality and discrimination, and workingplace safety and respect.

Postelsia Manufacturers want to identify where they fall into a lot of transparency and sustainability, and then just build some, space-based solutions beyond just obeying. “The problem we think is in sustainable marine activity is that it is very difficult for creative people to be recognized,” Cory tells Food Tank. The certification requirements, even though they are the best tools, are not knowing that you are not bad, that you are the best or that you are the best. By implementing a more rigorous, standardized rating, Postelsia He hopes that their environmental and social activities will differentiate producers from the field and that they will focus on sustainable development.

The presence of standards at both ends of the food chain allows chefs and buyers to purchase products that actively improve their performance. Corey says, “When those connections are in the supply chain, it usually produces better results compared to this cold certification arm placed on the manufacturers. Postelsia He believes that by engaging stakeholders with the manufacturer in setting standards, they will enthusiastically accept the standards and visualize the diversity of their history, products and practices in the marketplace.

Manufacturing storytelling and building relationships with creative buyers can help transform networks into supply chains. With the James Beard Foundation (JBF), Postelsia The Smart Catch is a new educational and evaluation program created by chefs for chefs.

The Seafood Watch program recognizes chefs and restaurants offering sustainable seafood, using greens, yellows, and reds. The program promotes continuous improvement by providing a unique standard of excellence. In addition to green, red and yellow, a new gray label indicates that a manufacturer is improving. With the purchase of improvement projects, Laura told the Food Tank, “It’s another way for those chefs to be change agents.” In the past, the program has established chefs and restaurants that are “committed” and “leaders.” Going forward, Postelsia In addition to participation and respect, it plans to implement a multi-level structure to recognize chefs and restaurants to become leaders and ambassadors in the industry.

By 2020, Postelsia Colorado-based international third-party certification and certification service became part of the food source. With food delivery, providing basic verification knowledge Postelsia It continues to focus on space-based solutions and new verification and verification models. In addition to their work with ASIC and the Smart Catch Restaurant Sustainability Program, Postelsia FishCARE has launched a platform for ground-breaking aquaculture farmers that focuses on animal care, the environment and people and communities. Postelsia It is also working with Japanese manufacturers to improve space-based seafood solutions and recognize specialized producers at all levels.

Cory told the Food Tank, “We see a lot of value in the differences that exist and are yet to be celebrated.

Photo by Lawrence Hookham, Unsplash

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