Bukit Batok is allowed to keep the roof community garden

He breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that the beloved rooftop garden on the Bukit Batoch carpet was still there.

On August 23, a retired coffee shop employee was heartbroken when 70-year-old Ching Rui Feng asked residents to clean their plants and flowerbeds on the roof of the parking lot at Goodview Gardens, Block 395A. West Avenue 5, Sept. 12 “As if they were sitting illegally.”

TNP understands that some residents have shared their concerns about mosquito breeding.

Residents told TNP that the eight-storey carpet was always empty, and more than 50 of them had stored more than 2,000 plants, 383 to 395.

Their hope was to preserve the garden. And on August 26, their request was granted.

In his Facebook post, Mr. Lon Yen Ling, a member of the Chihu Chu Kang GRCR Parliament, met with the HDB, the National Parks Board (NParks) and the Chua Chu Kang City Council and proposed to change the roof. Community Garden for Residents.

She wrote: “The agencies believed in and agreed with the benefits of a community garden for Goodview Gardens residents.

At the same time, important steps, such as making sure that the site or garden is always free of mosquito breeding grounds, should be given priority.

Ms. Lowe added that the agencies’ support for the community garden meant that the potted plants on the roof did not need to be removed by September 12.

“I hope this news inspires the residents of Goodview Gardens to work together to create the green space they hoped for, and to do their part to make the garden beautiful, clean, free of dengue, and good-looking. The garden community is good, ”she added.

Mr. Chang, who has collected 80 signatures since August 23 to support his petition for the protection of the roof garden, said to the new paper: “I am very grateful to the authorities for allowing us to occupy this common space.

“This beautiful garden means a lot to us older people, so we are very happy that our hard work in planting these flowers has not gone in vain.

Shirley Cheng, 67, said the news has brought tears to her eyes as she celebrates flowers and flowers since 2015.

The retired production operator said: “My friends and I were thrilled to hear the news.

“We want to assure the authorities that we will clean the area clean and with plenty of water to prevent mosquito breeding. We do not take this lightly. ”


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