Bumpers College is ready for you as an Arkansas day-long event

You, like Arkansas, are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the campus, and Dale Bumpers College is playing a major role in the College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences.

The event features 50 interactive activities throughout the day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday, September 10, and is intended for all and new students. Visitors, families, teachers and staff. The activities, sites, and booths reflect U’s creative ideas, research, and broad impact.

The college is hosting the Bumpers College Block Party at the Mauddin Sanders Student Square and Garden and Hawkins Family Terrace, south of the AFL Building, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The “Heart of Hospitality” section is where visitors will be able to plan the day, including campus maps, directions, and a list of events around the campus.

Bumpers College Block Party shows booths and activities from most parts of the college. Food Science plans to make chocolate with 3D printer; Agricultural education, communications and technology are taking photographs of visitors to their devices, and intomology and plant pathology are all presenting insects and plants in rock competitions at the AFLS building. In addition, entomology and plant pathology are hosting an open house in the Arthropod Museum on the south side of the compound on Mitchell Street.

Outside the FLS building, animal science is interacting directly with goats, sheep and small horses. Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Trade shows the impact of agriculture in Arkansas. Crop, soil, and environmental science are displaying soil type and plant identification by seed. And is offering gardening and sunflower planting. Poultry Science is offering Omele and Chicken Auctions outside the John W. Tyson building next to AFLS.

Guests at the Bomper College Block Party can get a map of the college area, and anyone who visits each site and is certified by staff in the booth will receive a prize.

The School of Environmental Sciences is also offering experiences in the Union Mall in the areas of food, nutrition and health, hospitality, fashion shows and more.

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