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Model County drawing

alf-Way-House / Bunclody GAA Club would like to thank all those who supported this year’s Model County development victory.

Local winners were Mary Anne Jackman, Cloniburn, Buncodi (Petit Supervalu € 250 vouchers). Cora Coleman, Balipier, Kildavin (Petit Superval € 150 vouchers); James Mone, Rock, Gurten, Buncodi (Petit Supervalu € 150 vouchers); Sean Carton, Derpark, Buncodi (County Wexford Store Local € 50 Voucher).

The next two draws will take place at the end of September. Tickets worth ዩ 30 and club members are on sale for both entries.

Container library

Bundy Library is open for browsing and ‘meeting and gathering’ during regular opening hours. If you want, you can order your favorite books online and the staff will send you a text as they prepare to collect it. ‘Talk and gather’ by appointment. Librarians can pick up a bag of up to six books (DVDs) on the subject of their choice. They will let you know when they are available.

Print can be emailed from home and collected during opening hours. Limited scanning and photocopying facilities are available.

Computers and research facilities are not available under government guidelines until the next announcement.

You can drop off your luggage and return.

The library can provide home-based booking services. You can request a book bag and they will be delivered directly to your door. Phone Bunclody Library on 053 9375466.

Your online library is open 24/7. Free e-books, e-audio books, e-newspapers, language lessons, online courses, comic and graphic novels, business and company research and more can be found in the e-books and eResources section of our library website: wexfordcoco.ie/ libraries / ebooks-and-resources.

Returning to school anxiety

Supporting Your Child or Toddler Back to School by Dr. Mali Coin is available online at all of the Maxford County Public Library Facebook pages and the Wesford Library YouTube channel.

Dr. Mali Coin is a best-selling author, clinical psychologist, pediatric mental health advocate, NUI Galway educator, and lifelong mentoring counselor.

Anxiety and parenting go hand in hand, especially in times of change, and going back to school after the summer break can bring similar stress to children, teens, and parents.

Join us for an online chat with Dr. Mali Coin, who talks about the stress children face when they return to school, and use her safe compassionate approach to raising your troubled child from his popular book ‘In Love, Loving’ Compassion ‘.

Malim spends time answering questions. Mali’s approach comes from her experience as a very anxious child, her “sometimes” hard-working parent, and her support for children and parents who have been worried for years. It is hoped that you will have some parenting reassurance and some very practical tools to help you and your children.

The Waxford County Council Public Library Service works with the CYPSC (Children and Youth Services Committee) annually to provide Parenting Today for Parent and Parental Annual Free Speech Program throughout Maxford County.

Outdoor teacher course

Do you want to be an outdoor teacher? Enroll in a QQI Level 5 teacher training program at the Bincode FET Center. This one-year course will lead to awards in academic recreation and adventure sports, including kayaking. Mountain biking and hiking. If you are interested in a foreign teaching profession, email oe@wwetb.ie or visit fetchcourses.ie to apply for this free and exciting course today.

Bunclody FET Center

Bundidi Further Education and Training Center is offering the following free, part-time courses this fall.

Returning to education covers basic computers, daily math, reading and writing, and a healthy lifestyle. Family Education covers QQI Level 3 sewing, reading with your children and school math for parents. Available Modules QQI Level 2 Computing, QQI Level 3 Office Systems, QQI Level 3 Digital Media, QQI Level 2/3 Food & Health, QQI Level 3 Container Garden and QQI Level 3 Working with Numbers.

For information, contact Rory Sweeney on 087 6442027 or email rorysweeney@wwetb.ie.

St. Mary’s Church opens every Saturday afternoon

St. George’s Church is a quiet place for visitors and locals alike from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm every week. In addition, welcome to the weekly Sunday morning service or sacrament service, every Sunday morning at 11:30 am. Contact Rev. Trevor Surgeon on 087 2547836 for more information.

Walking track

Semi-Wi-House / Bunicodi GA Club Walking Track is open. Users are asked to maintain social distance and respect the safety of other members who comply with government guidelines and use the club’s resources.

Walking track membership is now available. It is € 10 for the year, OAPAS € 5. To make arrangements to pay, club power can be paid at bit.ly/hwhmembership or you can call club chairman James Doyle on 087 9594639.

Bundidi parish office

Buncodi Church Office Opening Hours – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (closed 1pm to 1:30 pm) and Friday, 8:30 am to 1:00 am Diocesan Office Contact 053 9376190 or by email is mostholytrinitypo @ gmail .com. F. O’Connor can be reached at 053 9377319.

Bunclody Vocational College-Parent Association-Pot

The Buncodi Vocational College Parents Association will hold its next seminar on Wednesday, September 23rd. The most recent winner was the Hayes family, who won 69 euros.

Envelopes are available in Bonconi Credit Union, Bundy VC, Euro spar, Ken Rothwell, Aurelli Supervalu and Stimmer newspapers.

Congratulations to the parents’ association for the 2021 release and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Balloon Trade and Training Service

The Balon Business and Training Service is offering several courses to start in late September.

The QQI Level 3 CV will be held Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., at the Center in Ballon, Thursday, September 30. QQI Level 3 desktop printing will be available Wednesday through Wednesday, September 29, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

QQI Level 3 Internet capabilities will be available from September 30, Thursday afternoon, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Verbal processing in QQI Level 3 will begin Wednesday, September 29, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

All courses run for 10 weeks and are free for the unemployed or if you are working in the community. To register or for more information call 059 9159447 or ballonbts@gmail.com.

Community job opportunities

Mount Leinster Community Employment CLG has community employment opportunities for Bincodi Parish Nursing / Cleaner.

Job Reference – 2189791. Application closing date is September 24.

Garda screening will be implemented.

To check your eligibility, please contact Employment Services Bridgepoint Enniscorthy, Local DEAS.P (INTREO) Office Enniscorthy 053 9239300. and those age 21 and over are eligible according to DEASP eligibility criteria. Garda screening will be implemented.

The program in motion

Activity programs are now being registered for the 2021 program.

Based at the St. Catherine Community Service Center, the activity program is a QQI Level 4 program in employer skills.

The program provides time, place, and support for unemployed mothers who are looking for a job or a job environment that requires them to grow independently, academically and professionally (certain eligibility criteria apply).

Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, according to the regular school year. Students in the program can attend free child care at the on-site crusher and preschool.

If you are interested or want to know more, you can contact the St. Catherine Community Service Center on 059 9138700 or email orlaithm@catherines.ie on our Facebook page and on our website catherines.ie.

The first sacrament

The first sacrament will be held at Holy Trinity Church Buncodi on Saturday, September 18 at 11:00 AM.

Kilmical Raffle 2021

Due to VV-19, the Paris Raffles will once again be the main fundraising event for the Kilmish parish this year. I truly thank all those who helped make this a success last year. To all who have sponsored prizes and bought tickets. Parish council representatives will be handing out lottery tickets in the coming weeks. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


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