Business Descriptions – Berkshire Plant Garden announces interim director. Alan Harris joins CDCSB Board MCLA includes three VPs. The two join William Pitt Sotheby’s in Gibe. The Salisbury Bank community was disbanded

Berkshire Plant Garden announces two-year interim executive director

STOCKBRIDGE – Mike Beck, executive director of the Berkshire Plant (BBC), is taking a two-year vacation in the UK. He is pursuing a professional lawyer with a strong background in technology, from September to 2023.

During that time, Beck’s duties will be taken over by Tadeus Thompson, the next interim executive director. Thompson served as director of institutional development at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boiston, Massachusetts, during a special period of growth and development. He is also a board member of the Massachusetts Cultural Association, which oversees gardens at Elm Bank in Wales. Thompson was given the job after a search for a candidate for the BBC’s board of directors.

“Thaddeus has emerged as the best candidate for a number of reasons,” said BBC board chairman Matt Larkin. His skills come to us, and Mike is ready to go on vacation and start the first phase of the exciting new master plan to grow the garden.

“I am so grateful he wanted to keep me going,” said Beck. “I was working with Thaddeus in the summer to prepare for the transition; It is comforting to know that I can leave Paradise in his hands during my vacation. ”

The Board’s willingness to look into the two-year leave is a testament to how much Beck is respected and loved by gardeners and trustees. Under his leadership, for eight years, a strong and talented worker attracted a great deal of teamwork. During his tenure, the garden expanded in many ways, including the BBG’s Leonhardt Galleries, an art program on the map as a significant cultural site; Music Monday program that attracts new audiences to paradise; A new tea room serving drinks; And vice versa. He also successfully led the market in the epidemic, keeping the campus open as a community service, and ensuring that the workers were fully protected without any reduction.



Alan Harris, CEO of Berkshire Financial Management, has joined the CDSB board

Alan Harris, founder and CEO of Berkshire Financial Management. Photo courtesy CDCSB

Great Barington – South Berkshire Community Development Corporation (CDCS) has added Alan Harris to its Board of Directors. This week, Harris, a native of Berkshire and a longtime resident of Dalton, was selected for a three-year term.

He is the founder and CEO of Berkshire Financial Management (BMM) in Dalton, Full Service Financial Management Company. Harris has been a professional investment manager for more than 20 years to help his clients increase their investment portfolio while maintaining their assets during a recession. He has grown the company to more than 15 employees and is opening BMM’s first satellite office on the castle and corner of Main Barrington.

Moving to Greater Barrington means that we will expand our existing target by donating to nonprofits, Harris said. “But a check can only go so far. CDCSB has given me the opportunity to apply time, experience and physical effort to make Southern Barshi a better place.

In private life, Harris has a love for charity, especially focusing on animal welfare. As he searched for “everlasting homes,” he raised many domestic animals. Dedicated to community involvement, he is a strong supporter of both economic revitalization and the arts in Berkshire. He will be a member of the Board’s Economic Development and Fundraising Sub-Committees, which will help advance CDCB’s mission to build affordable housing and support small businesses.

CDCS has already benefited from Harris’ donation by sponsoring the upcoming CDCSB virtual reality film funded by Zom. Friday, October 8 at 7 p.m.



Massachusetts Liberal Arts College (MCL) welcomes three new vice presidents

Joseph Dasilva. Photo courtesy MCLA

North Adams – This school year, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCL) has received three new Vice Presidents for its new executive team – Vice President of Administration and Finance Joseph Dasilva; Dr. Richard Glezzer, Vice President of Academic Affairs; And Dr. Janet Smith, Vice President for Student Affairs.

After an in-depth search that included numerous interviews and open meetings with students, teachers, and staff, the three new vice presidents were hired.

Joseph Dasilva joined the MCLA in June 2021. He has worked in public higher education for over 28 years, the last 21 being at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Massachusetts. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western New England and a master’s degree in higher education from Bay Pat University.

Richard Glazer
Dr. Richard Glezer. Photo courtesy MCLA

Dr. Richard Glegers joined the MCLA in July 2021. He most recently served as dean of graduate studies at Muhlenberg College, and previously served as dean of Provost and Faculty at Marborobo College. Prior to joining Glager Marlboro, he served as North American College Professor and Chair of English, as well as Chair of the College’s Academic Programs and Policy Committee. Gleger received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from New Hampshire University and PhD. From the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Janet Smith
Dr. Jeannette Smith. Photo courtesy MCLA

Dr. Jennette Smith joined the MCLA in June 2021. She is a scholar with 16 years of experience in higher education, most recently as the Dean of Student Affairs at Evergreen State College. Prior to that, Smith was employed by Truckee Meadows Community College. University of Nevada, Reno; And Elmursh College. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, a master’s degree and a PhD. Higher Education Management from the University of Nevada, Reno.



The two will join William Pitt Sotheby’s International Real Estate in Great Barington

Great Barington – William Pitt Sotheby International Real Estate recently announced that real estate broker Stephen Sönfield and Joanna Swede, a licensed real estate broker, have joined the company, the Great Barrington broker.

Prior to moving to Real Estate, Sönfeld managed his own brokerage firm and spent 42 years in the financial services industry, which played a key role in the Liman Brothers, Shoab and State Highways markets. When he retired, Shonfield, who bought a house in Berkshars in 1987, became a full-time resident of Berkshars and began his second career as a real estate agent. And housing at all price points ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 4.6 million.

In her nearly 20 years in the real estate industry, Sweden has worked extensively with buyers and sellers. She came to the company from Stone Property, where she spent five years as a co-broker and previously worked as a co-broker at Barnbrook Realty and Century 21. A native of Craco, Poland, Sweden, lived in Berkshire. He has been a realtor for 30 years and since 2005. In the past, she has worked as a personal trainer and has been instrumental in her philosophy of making people realize their dreams to the best of their ability.



Salisbury Bank will offer a free community break in the Millerton branch on Sept. 18

Salisbury Bank hosts free community outreach days that include food drives as part of an initiative to combat identity theft.

Millerton, New York – Salisbury Bank continues to fight identity theft by building community volunteer support and free food drive.

“Identity theft continues to be a concern for individuals and businesses. One way to prevent thieves from accessing confidential information is to cut back on personal information.

The community drive-thru day is open to anyone, and will be held at Millerton Branch, 87 Main Street, Millerton, New York on Saturday, September 18 at 9:00 p.m. For the safety of all participants and volunteers, the Bank converted the Community Outreach Day to Drive-thru and established the following guidelines.

  • Limit 4 bags / boxes by car (paper only, no attachments)
  • If you do not get vaccinated, please wear a mask when you are within 6 feet of someone else
  • You will be directed to drop off your boxes at the designated place to be tossed by the bank staff
  • Stay in your car until you get a drop point
  • If you feel well, please stay home

Please consider bringing a perishable food donation. Local warehouses require a variety of donations, including: canned goods, cereals, macaroni and cheese, cake mix, peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and tomato juice. Household items such as paper towels, diapers, shampoos and soaps are also appreciated.


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