Business in short – AB Tech announces certification program with ABCCM

AB Tech announces certification program with ABCCM

AB Tech and Ashville Buncom Community have partnered with Christian Service to bring an ongoing vocational education program to the ABCC transition.

“ABCM knows that people who are homeless or homeless need smart, motivated, and often courageous people to pursue careers,” he said. Scott Rogers, Wrote in a statement to the non-profit executive director Express. They want to earn enough money for their children to rent or buy a house near their work and school.

Courses include construction business skills, computer skills and basic fruits and vegetables, as well as job search, rim and interview skills. Classes will be held at the Transformation Village and will be open to all residents. Courses last four to 12 weeks, with busy starting dates from August to November.

Transformation Village opened in Ashville in March and serves homeless women, children, mothers and veterans. More information about Transformation Village is available through Beverly Backner Call 828-398-6988 or For more information on AB Tech’s human resource development opportunities, email us at or 828-398-7934.

A.D. Black Trade Expo to Ashville in 2022

WNC Minority Business Association announces that it will host its first Black Business Expo on Friday, April 8-10, 2022. The theme will be “inspiring and motivating the next generation of entrepreneurs.” The networking and trade show will be held at the Aceville Crown Plaza Hotel. Potential sellers and sponsors can be contacted Rica Harrison For more information visit

Food training will begin in the gift state

Asheville Retirement Community Guinness States and AB Tech collaborated on culinary training. According to an August 2 press release, the program will be the first of its kind at the Community College’s new work-based learning and training unit.

He is investing more than $ 7 million in a new culinary program sponsored by Father Students in Guinness State. The community’s three new restaurants will be offering low-cost social beer. Market + Craft, Modern Bistro; And Teren, a good dining restaurant.

In the AB Tech work-based learning program, internships provide students with on-the-job training and potential employment opportunities. The program is a collaboration between Application NCC, the International Training Program and NC Community Colleges. More information is available at

WCU includes a doctorate in nursing

The University of Western Carolina at Callohi is accepting applications for the new nursing practice program. The first group will begin classes in May 2022 and will receive online and weekly physical education. Clinical courses begin in the third semester. Part-time and full-time study is available. Applicants are invited to the Virtual Open House Thursday, October 14, 5-6 pm For more information, contact the Program Director Lydia Eliot At

Free Covidy-19 public health posters are available for businesses

The Asseville Convention and Visitors Bureau continues to introduce free “3 Ws” including posters, flyers, and window coverings, including the introduction of COVID-19 safety measures. Poster, by graphic designer Will Horddai, A masked cartoon bear and the message “Make a mask, keep 6 feet, wash your hands.”

The sign is located at 36 Montford Avenue, Ashville Downtown Association at 29 Haywood St. , Black Mountain: Swanano and Chamber of Commerce is located at 201 E. State St in the Black Mountain and Ashville Convention and Tourist Office. At 27 college locations. More information is available at

Save the day

  • Mount BizWorks is a series of handicraft events for creators focusing on small businesses. Production mix for WNC-based creators will take place on Friday, September 10, from 4: 30-6: 30 pm at Zoom. In one of the six workshops, a presentation on financial knowledge b Michael Lane, Director of Finance at Mountain BizWorks, Friday, September 17, 2-4 p.m., at Zoom. Admission to all events is based on a $ 5 minimum donation. The full program is available at
  • Just Brew It, in-house competition and tasting for Just Economics, will be held on October 2, 2-5 pm at Black Mountain Pisgah Brewery. Just Economics is a non-profit organization that supports sustainable economics at WNC. Individuals must be affiliated with Just Economics to attend the event. More information is available at
  • The 2021 NC Women’s Milvets Conference mit and Expo, for the Women Patriots Virtual Summit Summit Thursday, October 21, from 9:00 to 12:30 p.m. It is open. Presentations focus on job opportunities, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, as well as federal and state benefits. Registration is available at

Hat tip

  • Algera, a full-service printing and marketing business, ranks fifth in 100 small publishers each year Print News. The survey places small business printing services on sales volumes and high standards of operation. More information is available at at 88 Roberts St.

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