Butterfly gardens to climb in Kerala schools

Butterfly gardens are involved for school children affected by the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

After many biodiversity gardens, Samra Shisha, Kerala, is setting up butterfly gardens in schools to provide practical lessons on biodiversity conservation.

Butterflies are a good indicator of the effects of climate change, and gardens come at a time when there is a risk of extreme weather patterns.

Butterfly gardens are particularly important for school children affected by the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The gardens will be developed with the support of the Kerala Forest Research Institute, Pechi, even in selected schools and homes of interested students. The institute will serve as a source and gardener, and will host plants, food sources, and plants that will be used to attract butterflies.

Two teachers from online schools registered to set up gardens have been selected as collectors and co-founders and will be given online training in Samira Shisha. Butterfly clubs with a maximum of 50 students will be set up in those schools. Students who are members of the club receive online training. Questions and online webinars are also organized for them. Brochures and manuscripts produced by Samra Shisha will be distributed. Students who are interested in planting butterfly plants in their homes are also supported.

While Samrara provides much-needed support, volunteer schools in the field of butterfly research and assist in their conservation also help to establish gardens under the shade of Samrara.

Butterfly parks are expected to nurture students’ love of nature and teach them how to live with it. Students will also develop a better understanding of biodiversity concepts and will have the opportunity to conduct their own research-like activities and present them as projects this year. The best projects will be awarded, said Samra Shisha, Kerala, project director AP Kutchrishna.

He believes that the butterfly gardens will improve students’ knowledge, photography skills, and happiness.

Samra Shisha, Kerala, is taking part in the Butterfly Garden project as part of the Rusitria Avishkar Abyssinia, which promotes scientific and mathematical education and scientific progress.


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