Buzz in the air about Apple and Bees Day in the Eston lodge gardens

Children and adults alike will enjoy apple and beeswax activities this Sunday (September 19) at the Eston Lodge Gardens.

“We are thrilled to be back in action for our favorite open day of the year – Apple and Bees Day,” said Angus Draver, chairman of the Eston Lodge Conservation Trust Gardens.

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It is Apple and Bees Day at Eston Lodge Gardens (51184940)

Friends and volunteers from the British Temple will help our volunteers and local beekeepers from the East England Apple and Garden Project to make the day go by.

Apple activities include all kinds of samples made from horticultural fruits, including juice, apple varieties, and apple crafts and cakes.

Beekeepers have a beehive, and they explain everything about bee dancing and honey production. They have honey and beeswax for sale.

New arrival in gardens - Kim statue, baby elephant once in Warwick Count (51184946)
New arrival in gardens – Kim statue, baby elephant once in Warwick Count (51184946)

The regular jam and jelly tombola are the best fruits of all vegetables. And other stores sell plants, handicrafts, and garden plants.

Music will be provided by the Bishop Starford Ukule Association.

Gob itors can climb the tree house, see the restored lily pond and learn about Kir, Warwick and baby elephants.

At this time, the Italian garden and the walled kitchen are really colorful and are full of bees, butterflies and palm flies.

Ballaster back around 100ft lily pond in a sinking garden in Italy (1001184948)
Ballaster back around 100ft lily pond in a sinking garden in Italy (1001184948)

Faith volunteers offer bacon, cheese or hummus rolls and a wide selection of homemade cakes, as well as tea, coffee and soft drinks.

The gardens are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To ensure quick entry, tickets can be purchased in advance at the Vegetable website at, on the Facebook page or directly on Tribbooking. Gob itors can also pay at the door. Admission fee is 50 5.50 for adults and free for children under 16.

In the garden, it is the second room in Little Easton, historic England, near the Great Dunma (CM6 2BB).

Frances Evelyn Daisy Graville, the campaign socialist of Warwick, brought her colorful life to the garden and entertained guests there regularly and happily – including the Prince of Wales, whom she took as her mistress before receiving the throne like Edward. VII, and leaders of the trade union and trade union movement.

A.D. In 1902, Harold Peto ordered a renovation of their gardens. Its designs illuminate the fallen Italian garden and its 100ft long pond with water lilies as well as a tree house and with Japanese real estate and other features, leading down to Lake Tray. They are one of the most important inventions and the only one in the East of England.

The Warwick House gardens, which will open on Sundays, surround the former Aston Lodge. They include majestic trees, colorful borders, and tents in the 1995 Peto style.

After the bush died in July 1938, the property was confiscated and an airport was built for USF and World War II. The gardens were then closed.

Gardens The Eston Lodge Conservation Trust – a charity run by volunteers to care for, care for, and open gardens to the public – has left some areas untouched by natural disasters.

This year the volunteers completed the restoration of the balustrade around the Lily Pond in the Italian Garden and gave the census a new elephant house reminiscent of the many and varied animals it has kept at the Eston Lodge.

The gardens are open to the public one Sunday each month from February to October and Thursday through March to the end of November.


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