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By Lesly Velasco Guerra, August 24, 2021

Followed by more than a year absence and New Year’s celebrations have been canceled, Cal Poly Pomona students are allowed by the university to return to the laboratory This summer And start production 2022 Calo Poly Rose floating.

every year, CPP And Kalo Poly San Luis Obispo will work together to create a float to join the annual Pasade and Rose parade. Production usually works as of January to December Polytechnic campuses Run a specific theme and Struggle Floating construction, design and decoration. Reason Epidemic, The Pasadena Rose race canceled the 2021 march for the first time since the end of World War II.

Now, as physical activity gradually progresses, the Cal Poly Rose floating team is picking up where it left off.

Gauri Mamunkar, CPP Construction Assistant Chair, ExplainEdit Her joy at returning to work and resuming on the float next year.

“While sitting in Colorado Boulevard Where the procession begins and the floats pass, it is really rewarding, and you get that feeling, ‘WOh, I’m part of something much bigger Myself, There is Mamunkar. So, not being able to see this year was very frustrating.

According to the COVID-19 guidelines, the group was Laboratory earlier They resumed in August and March 2020. The theme of the 2022 rally is the same – “Dream. Believe me. Achieve. ”- With some Extras.

The Rose Passade competition will be the theme for next year It extends beyond the original focus on education and includes a celebration of endurance and resilience, including scientists and scientists, health professionals, first responders and important staff.

For the Cal Poly team, the floating theme remains the same as the theme and the design has slightly changed.

We had a lot more time to think about us Theory, and According to Mamuncar, the whole team looks really good and we still feel good.

While the theme and design have remained the same since last year, the CPP team is now working on a new one Don Miller and Ron Simons Rose Floating Laboratory. The laboratory was named in 1949 after the program was first introduced by CPP graduates Don Miller (’52, horticulture) and Ron Simons (’64, Agricultural Research, ’69, Food Marketing and Agricultural Trade Administration).

The $ 5.5 million project will include 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor work space, design work space, storage facilities and a courtyard. Unlike the previous laboratory, it is closed and allows temperature control.

Jewelry Chair Katherine García is particularly pleased to have a new production space in two busy weeks: Design and Jewelry Week, which begins in late December.

Garcia added that she and her team have “all hands on the boat” and are ready for production.

Each section began working on the various features that make up the float. Mamunkar and The rest of the construction section They have been discussing prototypes and minor operating systems versions to make sure they work while floating. The design department is producing real floating small rooms, and the jewelry department is preparing materials and maintaining the flower fields.

As classes and clubs became imaginary, not only the CPP team members but also the constant communication remained strong Among their colleagues in San Luis Obi-Wan. Members of the Pomona group, who are now able to meet in person, plan to meet every Saturday until the last week Of falling Semester. Negotiations with the San Luis Obispo executive team will continue at Zom meetings until October North Campus He brings the floating room to Pomona and the two calves begin to work together.

As a new school year Begins, and inIndividual lessons will resume, and the group is expected to have many new members. This is one of the concerns of Samuel Linchorst, chairman of Pomona Construction.

“One of the biggest challenges we will face this year is how new our team is, ”SHelp Linkchorst. We have very few people who have gone through a whole process of building a float from start to finish because we only took a year off.

However LinkChurst hopes the new team will grow. He plans to approach the graduates for help and present the instruction manuals written in the previous chairs to the team members.

“I look forward to it,” Linkinkrest added. “It has always been a better experience, especially in the polytechnic aspect of our schools. It is important to be able to get that education. ”

Characteristic imagery of the Rose Floating Group.

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