Calendar – 2021 Summer Twilight Series – Bowman Family Farm

VNA, Illness – Illinois University Extension hosts its fourth and final evening meeting with Grant and Casey Bowman at 16 pm on August 16 at the Bauman Family Farm, 2230 Buncombe Road, Vienna.

The boomers use the rehabilitation practices of their farms, including soil health and quality fodder, fencing and water systems, and herd management. They also share information about management and equipment used during grazing activities. There will be opportunities to visit some farms and experience the benefits of soil for renewable grazing practices. Equipment on display includes poly wire, step-by-step posts, and fence filters.

There is no cost to participate in this physical program, but pre-registration is required. Under CDC guidelines, those who have not yet been fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear face masks. Visit to register online for this meeting. Call 618-695-2441 to register.

All about the beds raised in the Douglas Discovery Garden

DANIEL, SICK – Join the Vermillion County Chief Gardeners for a program on Domlas Discovery Garden, Aug. 17 at the corner of Danville Street, Florida, Wayne Street. They discuss using a variety of materials, bedding, soil, row coverings, irrigation, and trails to increase plant production.

Douglas Discovery Garden has won numerous state master gardening team awards for a variety of innovative projects and community access. The audience was welcome to take a walk in the small garden and see the many high beds and flower gardens. Leading gardeners answer questions. There will be gift cards for participants.

Register by visiting

Jump worms discussion

Bloomington, Ill. – Kelly Alsup, University of Illinois Extension Vegetation Lecturer, Worm Leap Jumping Program in Central Illinois 3 to 4 p.m., Aug. 17 at McLean County Extension Office, 1615 Business Picky, Bloomington.

The program includes a discussion on worm prevention and identification.

“Indigenous invaders are one of the biggest environmental catastrophes, second only to environmental degradation,” Alsup said. “Once invasive species have a place, it can be difficult to get rid of them, so prevention and early detection and response are key.”

Register by visiting

Summer vegetables

When the heat starts to cool down and you finish growing, the harvested vegetables become sweeter. Join Bruce J. Black, Illinois Extension Gardener, as he shares some tips for fall gardening on August 17 at 1:30 p.m.

Black evaluates which vegetables are best to plant late in the summer and provides information on how to store harvested vegetables for longer shelf life.

Webinar is part of the Extension Four Seasons Gardening Series. Register by visiting

The main gardener hours in the Kane County idea garden

St. Charles, Ill – Illinois University Extension Gardener Volunteers to practice creative concepts and ask questions at the Kane County Master’s Gardening Idea Garden from 9 to 11 a.m. August., 3480 Road 38, St. Charles.

This year’s project includes ideas and recommendations:

  • High beds.
  • Planting straw husband.
  • Insect habitats.
  • Gardens with garlic or nutrients.
  • Sensory organs.
  • Native species.
  • Olympic theme bed, lawn grass, ground cover and flower.

Follow the idea garden on Facebook at

Hot season grass

In the summer, grasses grow and bloom in summer, providing shelter and fodder for wildlife. Grass flowers are not very visible, but they do help to identify which grass is which.

On the evening of August 18, the website will provide tools for identifying Illinois native and non-native grasses. Included grasses are found in natural areas as well as in disturbed areas and along roadside. Grass is not covered.

The speaker will be Erin Garrett, Extra Energy and Environmental Instructor.

This program is a follow-up to the spring webnar cool-season grass. Register by visiting

Store your plentiful produce

After a plentiful summer harvest, you want your fresh fruits and vegetables to be stored properly and enjoyed for months to come. At noon on August 18, a webinar with extension teacher Diane Rinhol will show you how to cure pumpkins and how to store root vegetables, winter squash and apples. Register by visiting

Fertilizer with confidence

Clinton, Sick – David’s County Gardeners’ Program Compost with Confidence with 5:30 pm Aug. 19 at Vespian Warner Library, 310 N. Quincy St., Clinton.

Learn all about fertilizer at this free event, hosted by extension teacher Sarah Vogue.

217-935-5174 Register by calling the library.

For more information, call Extension Gardener Miglin House,, or 217-935-5764.

Diabetes Clinic – Cooking with herbs

Ereka, Illness – Join Extension Nutrition and Safety Instructor Jenna Smith for Diabetes Clinic – August 1:30 at Eureka Christian Church, 302 S. Main Street, Eureka, Plant Garden, but not sure how to incorporate it into your diet? Herbs can greatly improve the taste of food by reducing salt and sugar intake. Participants will receive recipes and advice on growing, purchasing, storing and using herbs and spices.

Diabetes clinics are informal but informative walking programs with a different topic each month, especially for people with diabetes. There is no cost to attend this program and registration is not required.

Taste of Food Forest – Black Curves

Normal, sick-hot curves are not something you can find in the American grocery store, but they are popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Find out what is being done to restore black curves on people’s radar on August 6 at the Refugee Food Forest, 701 E. Lincoln St., regular “Food Taste – Black Curves”.

Walk the Refugee Food Forest with Nick Freeman, Extension Local Foods and Small Farm Instructor and learn about the history of black curves, where they came from, why they are unknown and why they are reviving now. . Jenna Smith, a nutritionist and nutritionist at Illinois Extension University, discusses the nutritional benefits of Black Curves and sends you home with a delicious recipe. Smith uses black curves as a star to show off his cool summer treats.

The program is free to participate, but you need to register by visiting

Be prepared for blueberries

Illinois soil is often unnatural to grow blueberries. Growing blue seeds is more fun when your soil is ready before planting. Explore soil tests and soil benefits as you grow blueberries on August 2. The online program pResentmentProduced by Extension Teachers Andrew Hollser and Katy Parker. Register by visiting

Soil Health Field Day

The University of Illinois Extension will host the first consecutive field days in the next few years throughout the state. Soil Health Day is in Ogle County from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Host Noor Dates, a researcher, is taking part in a five-year study of soil health changes by the USDA-SARE program with the University of Illinois. The first year of study will end in August 2021.

A keynote speaker for this field day was Dennis Bush, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Plateville. Bush is bringing a raincoat to be used in a field day demonstration. Other speakers included Stasi Zuber, Illinois Soil Health Specialist from USADN-NRC, and Rachel Curry, Illinois Extension Basin Coordinator covering Lower Rock and Flint-Henderson Basin in Northern Illinois. Dates will also talk about the farming system and the steps it is taking to build soil health.

Field Day is free and open to the public. Lunch included. Register by visiting For questions about the program, contact Chelsea Harbach,

Make Peach Apple Salsa Room and take it

LA SALE, SICK – Make and take a Pich Apple Salsa class from 8:30 a.m. to Aug. 21 at the Illinois Extension Education Center and Community Teaching Kitchen, 944 First St. , La Salle

Presented by Susan Glassman, Extension Nutrition and Safety Instructor, the class offers recommended practices that promote safe eating of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy washing, grinding, cutting, measuring, cooking and salsa in the bathroom and take a pot home to enjoy.

It costs $ 15. Register by visiting

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