Calendar – Macon County Monarch Madness 2021

Dictator, Ill. – Macon County Monarch Madness 2021 at Rock Springs Protection Area 3939 Nearing Ln.

Monarch Madness is an event designed to highlight the emperor’s butterfly habitat, life cycle, and importance. As you expand your knowledge of this pollen, the event will include educational topics and handicrafts. Try your hand at catching a king on one of the guided tours and learn about the royal migration while marking the butterflies.

Sign up for this free event by visiting For more information, email Julia Duncan at or call 217-877-6042.

Butterfly Festival

Waterloo, Ill – The Butterfly Festival will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on September 12 at Bableble Educatonal Farm, 4022 JJ Road, Waterloo. Events include royal butterfly identification, scanner hunting, games and activities, and a booth. Win a prize in the photo or color contest.

For more information, visit

Clark County 4-h BBQ

Martinsville, Illness: 2021 Clark County 4-H Barbeque at Martinsville Fair, 620 S. York St., Martinsville from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. There will be two drive lanes for driving. In the downtown Elivit Martinsville event, you are welcome to use all the amusement parks and other venues as parks or to take your food to Lynn Park.

It costs $ 7 for a towed pork sandwich or fried chicken breast sandwich, chips, roasts market cookie and bottled water.

Tickets can be purchased from any Clark County 4-Her or Clark County Extension Office, 15493 N. State Hwy 1, Marshall. Call 217-826-5422 for more information.

Cook County Farm Trailer

MATTISON, Ill. Illinois University Extension Cook County is joining the Cook County Agricultural Bureau for its fifth annual field trip from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Illinois Extension Showcase will be open for regular visits to 22 other farms, farms, greenhouses, gardens and restaurants.

The display farm is located at 4821 Southwick Drive, Matteson, in the Matison area of ​​Premier State College. Wear sturdy closed toe shoes and wear them for the weather.

For a list of other locations, visit the Farm Office website at

First Aid for the Ag Community Mental Health

We see them every day, as American farm families deal with climate instability, cost of inputs, current disasters and long hours. As their neighbors, clients, business partners, and clients, you may feel helpless, but Illinois Extension can provide tools to identify mental health issues and communication skills to support and save lives in the agricultural community.

There is a gap between farm families and the resources they need To keep them safe. That’s where you come in. Stay in the gap and help farm families understand the resources more and get the support they need.

Video Conference Mental Health First Aid for the AG community from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm Sept. 13 You will complete a two-hour automatic online course before joining a video conference.

  • Symptoms of mental illness.
  • Symptoms of drug use and addiction.
  • Problem interaction.
  • Tragic situation.
  • Self-care.

University of Illinois Extension faculty leads the training. Funded by USAID National Food and Agriculture Institute, Illinois Extension Specialists Josie Rudolfi and Courtney Kutbertson are part of the North Central Agricultural and Agricultural Stress Support Center.

Register at

Garden equipment repair

The Four Seasons Garden Webinar Garden Repair will take place on September 1:30. Protect your equipment and make gardening less work. Sharp, rust-free tools are lightweight on the body and make it quick to finish any task. Horticulture Instructor Richard Henschel covers the care of hand tools and small motor tools commonly used in gardening and home decor.

Other webinars in this series include tree nuts and balls October 19 and tree root collar disorder November 30.

Register at

Biorector Installation Field Date

HILLSDALE, Ill. – Rock Island County Soil and Water Conservation District, in partnership with the University of Illinois Extension, has a Biorector Installation Day Showcase and Program from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public and includes free boxing lunch.

Groundwater is a major source of productivity, but there are concerns about the amount of nutrients that can be released from these systems, including nitrates. Water quality in our local streams and rivers can negatively affect nitrate in sediment. Field edge practices, such as biographers, are a key way for landlords to reduce nitrate loss from agricultural land. Wood chip bioactors remove nitrates from sewage sludge without affecting the productivity of the soil or crop.

What to expect

  • See the bioreactor unit installed on site during the visit.
  • Dr. Brian Maxwell from Illinois University discusses the basics of woodcutting biographers.
  • Jok Gates from Rock Island County SWCD offers cost-sharing programs and opportunities.
  • Reed Cristoon and Rachel Curry from Illinois Extension discuss Illinois malnutrition reduction strategies.
  • All suppliers and staff will be available for inquiries and input.

The site will be marked with a field date. Indicates adequate space and reservations to ensure food. For RSVP, contact Joy Deloyan at 309-581-3002 or or contact the Rock Island Soil and Water Protection District Office at 309-762-1486, Ext. 3.

Start beekeeping

Jacksonville, Sick – Do you want to be a beekeeper? The five-part beekeeping course begins Wednesday, September 15, 22, 29 and October 6 at Morgan County Extension Office, 104 N. Westgate Ave. , 6pm to 8pm in Jacksonville.

Learn the basics of beekeeping, including:

  • Honey bee biology.
  • A beekeeping device.
  • Beekeeping during the seasons.
  • Working with honey bee colony.
  • Products from the hive.
  • Record your hive and beekeeping inspections.

There will also be a beehive day on September 1, at 4:00 am, where participants will learn how to work with different apes and use an active hive.

It costs $ 40. Register at

Planning your orchard

Carlville, Sick – Want to grow fruit in your home garden? The plan for your orchard will be on September 10 at the Macoupin County Extension office, # 60 Carlinville Plaza, Carlinville.

Join Andrew Hollsener, a University of Illinois Extension Veterinary Lecturer, to guide you to the most productive organization, fruit varieties, planting site and soil preparation.

Register at

Southern Illinois Conservation Workshop

Ulin, Ill. – The 4th Annual Southern Illinois Protection Workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., September 18, at Shane Community College, 8364 Shawne College Road, Ulin. The workshop brings together local land management and landowners to learn, make connections, and ask questions on a variety of land ownership issues.

Related topics include Indigenous and Invading Forest Plant Identification and Management, How to Take Care of Tree Plants, Preparing Your Land for Burning, Erosion Control on Agricultural Lands, Southern Illinois Bats, and recent research on tickets. This year’s workshop includes a group of landowners sharing their experiences of turning grasses and / or old farms into dusty habitats.

Event speakers include:

  • Ryan Pankaw, Chris Evans, Talon Baker, Kevin Rolling and Holly Tuten of Illinois Extension University.
  • Christina Feng, Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
  • Jane Benken, Missouri Department of Defense.
  • Mark Vokovich, Shawne National Forest.
  • Nick Seton, River to River Cooperative Management Area.
  • Anne Parley, Illinois chief naturalist.

It costs $ 20. Lunch will be served. Register at

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