Calling All Gardeners: Annual Gardening Show requires local entries for a prize

Gardening is rewarding in many ways. Reduces stress. It is considered an exercise. Harvest and flowering flowers are good.

It’s just fun!

Show off your gardeners’ flowers and vegetables in your garden at the 56th Annual Garden Festival. It is the largest garden in the valley.

We are the gardens of the great Youngstown, formerly the Township Men’s Garden Club. The name was changed to allow anyone to join our group and continue the tradition of being one of the oldest garden clubs in the country.

The purpose of the Great Yangston Gardener is to create a better understanding of gardening and to promote and promote the beauty of our community.

Our needs are as diverse as yours. If your interests go from Azalea to Zinnis or Aspagus to Zicchini, you will find some “common ground”.

The 56th Annual Fruit and Vegetation Exhibition is your chance to showcase those amazing flowers and plants from the garden. The show will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Davis Center in the Fellows Riverside Gardens at Milly Creek Park. Participation is free and open to young people and adults who want to have fun and enjoy growing plants. Categories for young gardeners are available for those 16 years of age and younger.

Pre-registration is not required. Submissions must be submitted between 7 and 10:30 on Saturday.

Due to the cholera epidemic, there are only two categories to be included in the show: Part A – Vegetables, and Part C – Annual Flowers.

You can go to and find a complete program on your computer.

The following prizes will be awarded to reward your efforts

1. Class Prizes – For the best entry in each competition class.

2. Best Prize – Selected from all class winners.

3. Larry Watson Heavy Tomato Award – $ 25 for Heavy Food Tomatoes. Supported by Griyer Og.

4. Bo Cordi’s Biggest Zenia Award – $ 25 for the Greatest Zenia entry in the show. Supported by Trudy Cordi.

5. Robert Voland Youth Tournament Award – $ 25 for most points in the youth class. (1 point for the blue ribbon for each class and 5 points for the blue ribbon for each class) sponsored by Robert Voland.

Voland is an example of a garden that leads to great things. He started at the club at the age of 11 and has been exhibiting every year since then. He is now a recognized horticultural judge with a YSU degree in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, and a Cornell Science degree. He is currently working on a PhD. In green chemistry.

For more information and to find out about the Great Yangston Gardens, go to or contact me at 330-759-1993.

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