Cambo Gardens is one of the most atmospheric gardens in Scotland

Why Visit?

Cambo House and Estate, located 7 miles south of St. Andrew’s on the east coast of Fifa, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Scotland. It combines high-quality fruits and vegetables and atmospheric forests, from a busy craft calendar, moonlight walks and artistic events. Now run as a charity, the garden offers opportunities for volunteering and training, but the house is used as a venue for successful weddings and events.

Garden History

The current property, which has been in the Erskine family for more than 300 years, dates back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was laid out as a model estate, in barns, in a chariot, and in a tomb. Since the 1980s, Katherine and Peter Erskin have been raising pigs, clearing the Ivy on 70 acres[70 ha]of forest land, and growing its name in the garden since the 1980s. They also built a collection of rare and unique snowflakes and began to sell light bulbs in the green to other snowflakes friends.

Katherine Erskin started the Scottish Snowwood Festival in Cambo a decade ago, an annual event that now includes dozens of plants and landscapes around the country.


A 2.5-acre walled garden, part of Cambo’s first designed landscape, has been set up for the show. From summer to late autumn, the evergreen shrubs and shrubs dominate the design, and flowers and edible plants thrive on potash. Bright colors blend skillfully across borders, but seed heads that last until late winter increase interest in the coldest part of the year.

Don’t miss out

In the face of adversity, Cambodia has a wide sidewalk that crosses the jungle across the Kambo two-mile border and connects it to the Fifa beach. There are trails with disabled access and Bajaj trails.

Woodland, in Cambodia, manages to promote a healthy wildlife ecosystem for its property, with endangered birds and wildlife. Maps of where to browse are available from the Tack Room.

And after a hike on a cold day, head to the Kambo Cafe for homemade vegetarian and vegan soups, tortillas, stuffed focaccia, salads, flatbreads and treats.

Anything else to look for

Cambo has many creative outdoor spaces and the Lost Elf Village is a destination for young tourists. Caves, huts, bug hotels and tree platforms as well as pine cones, shells, bark and bamboo are available for creative play as well as identifying ‘fairy houses’ in the vast forest.

Great time to visit

This weekend and next Kambo will be holding market markets, with talented artisans and women selling beautifully crafted furniture, jewelry and food items. Their garden has a calendar of events throughout the year, but the peak time for visitors is February and March, when snowflakes make carpets on wooden floors.

Any tips in the area

The Kingsbarns Distillery is located on a reclaimed Georgia farm that was once part of Cambo State. Today, Plain Single Malt produces whiskey and gin and visitors can sample the products made on site while visiting the Diary and Gene Nest. Some of the plant products used to produce the gene grow around the director.


Cambo Gardens is located one mile south of King9bars in Fifty, on the east side of A917.


Cambo Parks are open daily from 10 am-4pm.

Tickets ፡ 6.50 / Free Phone Toll 01333 451040 www.Cambo

It may be cold outside of IT but this is no reason to stay indoors. Dozens of gardens and estates remain open this summer, allowing visitors to go out in the fresh air, exercise, and socialize with friends.

And Discover Scottish Parks Encourage as many people as possible to explore some of the wonders of winter at their doorstep.

For the first time this year, St. Andrew’s is one of the busiest plants in the world, and the sorghum trees that grow there are still covered in bright berries.

This garden, which has great redevelopment plans, is just a stone’s throw from the center of St. Andrews, making it easily accessible for winter beauty.

In Paradise Cooden, Japan, this restored landscape is a melting pot of winter, with frost on the ground and the pond freezing, so visitors can enjoy these views for the first time. Meanwhile, the Abbotford gardens and forests in Dar es Salaam remain beautiful under the snow.

The gardens will be joined by a long list of regular visitors during the winter months, including the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the beautiful Perth Heather Collection at Riverside Park.

All gardens to be opened during the winter can be found at

It is a great way to plan outdoor activities and to find beautiful places during the winter months.

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