Camila is a guest, spending raw hours “gardening” directly from the garden – ‘Sweet! ‘

A.D. During a visit to Godoline Junior School in Sloven in 2013, Camilla expressed her love of eating peas.

Asked if she would grow her own food, Duchess said: “Yes, I do, we grow all our own vegetables.

“I think my favorite is wide beans…

“But I’ll tell you what I like, I like peas directly from the garden.

They are sweet, really sweet, if you take them straight from their mouths.

I take all my grandchildren to the garden and spend hours and hours eating peas.

“They will eat and be eaten until they are sick.”

Camila has 10 grandchildren – from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowl.

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Earlier this month, Duchess made a spectacular appearance on the BBC’s World of Two Gardeners – and opened up to host host Monti Don on how to deal with some pests in her garden.

Mr. Don joins Longmedo and explains how rats and vultures ate her precious crop.

Duchess said, “I am very lucky to have a big garden, but the rats, this year you will find the vultures, they all ate the roots and then went into the strawberries, so they can never win – there is always something. ”

During the epidemic, Camilla emphasized the importance of gardening on people’s mental well-being, and people were able to “get closer to the soil.”

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She doesn’t have to think about anything else, surrounded by nature, birds singing, bees screaming – there’s something very healing in the garden.

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