Cantigni Park will host the National Cyclopes National Championships this week.

For the uninitiated, it is a good sport with its own fan, two-wheeled style mash.

Cyclock, or ‘cross,’ it seems, is a cross between a mountain bike and a road race.

There is a start-to-finish line. The ground is uneven. But here’s the thing: Pure cyclosure drivers get on and off their bikes to clear the roadblocks.

Every rider is a semi-cyclist, semi-steeplechase athlete who walks on hills, sand dunes, gravel and dirt. And since cyclone is a harvest and winter crop, seeds can be transformed into mud baths. Some experts like that.

“I definitely prefer disgusting races where the mud is deep, and you have to dig it,” said Clara Honingingger.

The 24-year-old Cyclocros star is based in Portland Oregon, which is a hot spot for the sport. But as the Chicago-area cross-country community progressed, USA Biking chose Cantigney Park in Witten to host the Cyclone Cycling National Championships.

More than 1,000 cyclists will be expected to compete in a major competition week in the academy, college and age group starting Tuesday. Hosingen, the reigning women’s all-time leading scorer, will compete for first place and next season’s star-studded jersey.

“I want to be a kind of cyclical representation in the United States, especially since I do a lot of competition in Europe,” said Honsinger, headlining her on December 12. “I really want to show you where this is.

Cyclosporine originated in the parks and forests of northern Europe in the early 20th century. Events in Belgium and the Netherlands have become increasingly popular.

“It’s kind of like NASCAR,” said Mark Zalevsky, chairman of the local Citizens’ Organizing Committee.

Across the Atlantic, discipline has been gaining momentum over the past 20 years, says Zalevsky.

During low competition, spectators give dollar bills to drivers, who pull the money out of the mud. Some dress casually on or off the course.

“There will only be people screaming,” said Tara McCarthy, director of the National Cycling Center of the USA.

The organizers estimate that 3,000 to 4,000 visitors will attend the six-day event in Kantigney; This has been a wonderful year.

Course design

The hillside slopes with views of the neighboring Kantigni golf course and the long sand pit at the beginning of the road are the main features of the 2-mile course.

“Well-known professional men only work 60 minutes, but you can imagine a very powerful 60 minutes,” Zalevsky said.

On a flight of stairs, drivers take off their bicycles, roll over on their shoulders, and run the obstacle course without returning to their two-wheeled vehicle – if they do it right. Some riders may encounter the Bunny Hop Plank, another test of their strength and ability.

“This is important because you do not have to get off your bike,” Zalevsky said. But if you do the wrong calculations and hit the jump right, you could fall, and then you could end up spending more time with yourself.

If the situation worsens, runners will have to adjust their treads up to 33 millimeters wide.

“The team’s parking lot looks like a NASCAR compound,” Zalevsky said. “They will have huge trailers with tents and tent towns where their mechanics can work on their bikes.”

But for all intents and purposes, the sport has ample appeal. The 86-year-old from Texas will be the biggest on the field. The youngest is 11. Even top cyclists have an average speed of 15 to 16 miles per hour, depending on the weather.

“Cycling is especially fun because you often race on the grass,” said Zalevsky.

Select a site

Cantigny was supposed to host the 2020 national championships, but the outbreak was delayed. Park leaders have signed up for a variety of reasons. The event kicks off in the second week of December, at a slow pace around Cantigny Gardens and Roads.

“We see this as an opportunity to partner with many national and local organizations,” said Matt LaFond, CEO. “And Cantigny and DuPage County are proud to play a role in exposing as many audiences as they can.”

He was initially concerned about the deterioration and deterioration of the compound. But after looking at the 2019 championships near Takoma, Washington, Scott Witt, director of canning fruits and vegetables, confirmed that Lafond said the team could repair and improve course areas at the southern end of the park.

“Scott is a lawn management expert,” LaFond said. “And when he came back and said he had no problem reinstating any of the places that might be affected by the course, that’s what sold me the green light.”

The event was first announced when the Duchess Convention and Visitors Bureau launched the Dupege Sports Commission into the Sports Tourism Market in 2019.

Hotels are reaping the benefits. US cyclists have booked 400 rooms in at least nine hotels for visitors.

“Dupege is known for its great grunts in sports and medina,” said Base Marsheti, director general of the bureau. “And this was another exciting national focus that could put us on the map.”

More than 100 volunteers are helping the citizens of the forum. And the Chicago Cyclopes Cup organizers, amateur series, led the push on social media.

McCarthy said: “Chicago is definitely on the lookout for local, state and even regional cycling scenes across the country.

Although the event is new to Cantigini, there is still a sense of history.


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