Caring is sometimes an important stressor

A A few weeks ago, a typical Williams couple restored my memory of the plants in the garden.

The first, and most serious, trick I took was when weeding in one of our frontiers, shoulder-deep in the current growth. I crossed one of the four legs and crossed a heavy wire and found an old plant support in a circle on top of the crisis. The legs and the top of the circle were also made of iron. I never used it, so a week or so later I dropped it on a “grass” about 4 inches deep. I was about to throw it away, and then I forgot about it. Loss of memory goes these days with the state. So, the memory loss goes with the region these days. In any case, the next day I cut down the lawn and forgot about plant support. I had earplugs, which really made a heavy scythe sound.

The first thing I knew was that it was difficult to drive my picker. I stood up and found a flat tire. I also found shrubs and prune-shaped pieces of plant support that I ran. One of the pieces pierced the side wall of the tire. I took the tire to a repair shop and found it to be repaired, and I found that it was actually a plant support or partially pierced the tire.

He refused to move forward or backward when I started reassembling the tire. The scythe is now resting in a repair shop.

This defect can be completely prevented by anyone with short-term memory loss. if only …

It made me think of the cutting of plants that I do not think I have mentioned so far.

During our overseas garden visits, we saw some world-class gardens, all in late summer or early autumn, on the boundaries of vegetation piled up above the vegetation. Clearly, the British do not care.

They even go so far as to spread black netting on the larger parts of their beds, so that the weeds are forced, but never, to grow into a semi-vertical area.

And, he wasn’t just there. We had a bright explosion of different colors in September. The trunk of each plant was supported by an iron rod up to six inches[6 inches]thick on each foot or more.

My second unexplained delay came a few days ago with strong winds and heavy rain. I found a large stem of the same sunflower I picked up from the bush a few years ago and it was in full bloom. Alas, the flowers were too heavy for the 6 stems and they were lying on top of their neighbors.

Well, I’ll get to the bottom of this – don’t be fooled unless it’s necessary. Then do it on time and accurately. And that and what and when? Find out here next week.

Jimmy Williams is a gardener Post-Intelligence, Can be reached on Monday morning 642-1162.


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