Warm Hastings Welcome to Samoan Prime Minister

Friday, June 17, 2022, 3:11 p.m.Press Release Ateroa New Zealand’s warm and enduring relationship with Samoa was welcomed on Thursday, with the Honorable Fiamē Naomi Mataafa, Prime Minister of Samoa at the Hawke’s Bay Arts and Events Center, Hastings Heretaunga. Among other things, he was welcomed by Nagati Khungunu Chairman Biden Barber, Hastings Mayor Sandra … Read more

Snowstorms hit crops in Mandy District

Hailstorm damages crops in Mandi dist

Tribune News Service Mandy, June 16 Crops were damaged by heavy rains in several areas of Mandi district yesterday. While the rain in Mandi brought joy to the people, it ended a long drought, and in some places the snowfall caused severe damage to the farmers. The worst affected were the destruction of … Read more

Lavender Shadows of Dieting Food – Lima News

This may be my favorite time on the farm. Mothers and cows are happily feeding their young in the pastures after the much-needed rain. Brand name and spring vaccines are behind us. And breeding has decreased – at least for two weeks. I think it was the right time to visit my daughter in New … Read more

Continental shows the second line of AMR for agricultural implementation

Continental unveils second line of AMR for agricultural applications

Continental, a German manufacturing company, has signed a partnership agreement with Dutch-Belgian technology company Octtiva to develop independent robotic solutions for various uses in the horticultural sector. The new upgraded product is expected to be available from Continental Secondary ‘Agricultural’ supply in the automotive market and will be available in 2024. Octava – A merger … Read more

1 day training for farmers on smart farming | Thiruvananthapuram News – Indian Times

Tirvana ፑ ፑ ፑ ፑ ፑ ም ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፒ ፒ ፕ ፒ ፕ ፕ ፕ ፕ ፕ ፕ በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም በመጠቀም ኢ ኢ ኢ ኢ ፈ ከ ከ ፈ ከ የአንድ የአንድ የአንድ የአንድ የአንድ የአንድ ፈ Indian Agricultural Research Council (ICAR– Central Institute … Read more

Iowa State first teams grew and the vineyard successfully

AMES, Iowa – The Midwest Wine and Wine Industry Institute of Iowa State University has played a key role in improving the quality of wine produced in Iowa and surrounding states. The newly renovated site allows the program to produce three different wines and allows them to continue their work by supporting the wine industry. … Read more

New evidence suggests that olive and fig trees were planted 7,000 years ago | Sci-News.com

The village of Tel Tsaf, Israel: an overview of Area C with courtyard buildings, comprising rectangular and rounded rooms and rounded silos. Image credit: Y. Garfinkel.

Archaeologists have unearthed an olive grove in one of the world’s most famous fruit trees.Olivia Europe) And common figs (Ficus caricaVegetables and fruits were produced 7,000 years ago. Tel Writing Village, Israel Category Area C Overview with courtyard buildings, rectangular and round rooms and rounded ceilings. Image Credit: Y. Garfinkel. Today, the olive tree is … Read more

Celebrate Garden Day at various Bevelell Municipal parks

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Text content Gardeners are invited this Saturday to Bellville Garden Day as part of the Canadian Garden Year 2022. Text content Mayor Mitch Punchic announced this week as Garden Day. The garden year is a national holiday for all gardeners and gardeners. During the Covenant-19 epidemic, many Canadians turned their backyards into functional and beautiful … Read more