Cattle Violence Horticultural Diet Disrupts the Great Plan

Great Noida: The Great Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNDA) on Thursday planted around 150 trees near Fusion Houses and Cherry County in Texas. According to residents, within a few hours, the plants were eaten by stray cattle.

On Thursday, Fusion Homes residents tweeted: “Thanks to the great Noida Industrial Development Authority for wasting money and killing plants. These plants are only included in your books, but not really. We sow. This is careless and deliberate. ”

Trees or farms without fences are useless. Most of the plants were eaten by stray cattle on the day of sowing. This is a waste of resources and effort, ”said Robin Metal, a resident of Fusion Homes.

Credit: CitySpidey

Residents of various Cherry County and Fusion homes have lodged a complaint with the Department of Fruit and Vegetation for the plant’s tree keepers. According to residents, officials from the fruit and vegetable department visited the area on Friday. They assured the residents that they would arrange for tree guards and provide watering facilities through tanks.

Credit: CitySpidey

“Today, horticultural officials visited the area and conducted a joint inspection with the Cherry Green Club Small Housing Group. He assured us that the horticultural department would take the necessary care of these plants. , Said Manish Trippati, a resident of the Cherry County Association.

Credit: CitySpidey

City Spide talks with Mukesh Kumar, head of the fruit and vegetable department. He said we will take care of the plants by watering them every day and we will make sure that the trees are protected from extinction.


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