CCU Learning Center is expanding its horticulture program into a state-of-the-art facility

Downtown – Chester County Middle Class (CCIU) is in full swing as the Horticulture program grows into a new location. Located on the grounds of the CCIU Learning Center in Coatville, the new Horticulture Center will serve as a place for students to prepare for professional careers in horticulture, work with real clients and community partners. CCIU celebrates the official opening of the Horticulture Center in Coatville on Friday, November 19, 2021.

CCIU Board Members, Chester County School Board Members, Chester County Superintendents, Community Partners, CCIU Administrators, Staff and Students Enjoyed Outdoor Ceremony CCU Executive Dr. George F. From the region.

“I am proud of CCU as a Horticultural Center for our students, which in turn provides ample opportunities for them to succeed not only in high school but also in the future. More than ever, our students need to create an environment that is conducive to learning, says Fiore.

Other speakers included Dan Williams, CCIU Board President Bonnie Wolf, CCIU Assistant Director Dr. Steve Gerhard, CCIU Student Services Director Dr. Siobhan Leavy, CCIU Learning Center Principal Don Mangan and current Horticulture Program student Owen Ziglar. Talk about ways the CCU Horticulture Center can help students in Chester County prepare for future careers by providing practical training and full support services.

“Over the past four years, I have seen the program move from the old greenhouse to this new building. It has become a new home for me and the students in the program. I have always loved being outdoors and this new center has helped me learn the skills I need to do and complete my studies, ”said Ziglar, a student of the Horticulture program.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, a student-led tour of the site was designed by Brislin architects. In addition, guests learned about the open partnership between the CCIU Learning Center Horticulture Program and the Chester County Food Bank. As part of the program, students donate fresh vegetables grown in the greenhouse to the Chester County Food Bank.

“Our students have been using our greenhouse food to help them acquire valuable skills and contribute to their community. So far, our students have received more than 30 pounds of salad from these new greenhouses, all donated to Chester County Food Bank. “As part of our mission, we hope to continue to develop this partnership,” Gerhard said.

Since 2013, CCIU Learning Center has introduced a safe, personalized and supportive learning environment for students with unique and special needs as a community contributor. As a program option, students in the Horticulture program will receive plant identification, flower arrangements, basic greenhouse design, garden maintenance and marketing courses in retail and wholesale business. In addition, students in this program will receive instruction and practical training in growing and caring for trees and shrubs, annual flowers and plants. Students gain experience in landscape design and construction.

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