Celebrated Garden Party – Corvalis Club celebrates 50th

Fifty years ago, In 1971, Rick Nelson, formerly known as Ricky, became known as “Ozzi and Harriet Adventures” at an old concert in Madison Square Garden.

Everyone was fine until he started playing new songs, away from the 50’s and 60’s. The audience shouted. But it was only when Nelson’s song “Garden Party” was written about the disappointing experience that it hit the top 10.

And in 1971, other historic but even more positive events were taking place in Corvalis across the country. One thing is for sure. Launched in 1969, Corvalis Night Club is a registered club of the Oregon State Garden Clubs Federation and the State Council of Garden Clubs.

The club celebrated its 50th anniversaryTh Annual Holiday – What else? – Gardening party last Monday at the home of three-year club member and master gardener Janet Magdanz.

The club’s president, KJ Lee, greeted guests at the party’s entrance table in a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle. “I am the first male president of the club, and the first patriotic to be president of the club,” he said.

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Lee invited all former club presidents to the party. Gloria Wood, 93, attended the party. She became the club’s first president in 1969. “I was so surprised when they invited me in,” she says. “This club has grown so much” Wood has not worked in the club for many years. When the gardener was attracted to her, she confessed that her true love was flower making.


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