Celebrating 15 years of horticultural development at Horticulture Park

Wagning University and Research (WUR), Delphi Improvement Center and Lansingland Municipality are celebrating 15 years of scientific development in the field of greenhouse gardening. Save the Day – This year, various events will be held during the “Weeks of Weeks” from Hurricane Science Park from September 20 to October 8. Looking back, we look forward to the future role of Horticulture Park.

At the end of 2006, several field experiments were started at the Delphi Improvement Center and at the Wagning University and Research (Greenhouse Vegetation Division) sites, both at Violierenweg in the municipality of Bilewick (Lansingland municipality). Over the past decade and a half, potential research has been conducted in support of the Dutch and international greenhouse horticulture sector at this horticultural park.

In addition to designing and developing the next-generation greenhouse development project, much research has been done on the application of LED lighting with the aim of creating sustainable farming systems. With the implementation of new improved plant sensors, the development of digital farming in automated greenhouses is accelerating and will result in significant changes in the management of greenhouse plants. The development of production systems has always been a part of this, just as many greenhouse protocols are now being tested and scientific knowledge is being supported in the farming environment.

Lansingland Municipality is pleased with the presence of these two leading research institutes in greenhouse horticulture and wants to further expand its position as a knowledge-based municipality by focusing on greenhouse horticulture. He is currently collaborating with entrepreneurs and residents on Hortic Science Vision, which is the basis for greenhouse gardening research and future plans on topics such as work, work and space.

The opening of Wagning University and Research (WUR) and Delphi “Vertical Field Field” will take place during the Week of Horton Science Park event from September 20 to October 8. In addition to the above, Lansgerland Municipality, WUR and Delphi Municipality will organize at least ten other events in collaboration with organizations such as Glastonboy, the Netherlands and Greenport West Holland. Examples are the Afternoon Symposium on Knowledge Day, Water Event and Taste Research for Fruit and Vegetable Entrepreneurs. Meetings on Horticultural Vision are also planned for young people interested in gardening and for municipal residents. Based on our knowledge today, all events unfold in the future.

The content of the “Horti Science Park Event Weeks”, the program and the various conferences will be available online soon.


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