Chamarajanagar 2,500 hectares of land destroyed by Chamarajanagar | Mysuru News – Indian Times

Ma’suru’s harvest: Heavy rains hit Chamarajanagar farmers, destroying 2,523 hectares of land in the district. A joint study by experts from the revenue, agriculture, horticulture and cereal sectors confirmed the loss; This turned out to be quite a surprise. Another key finding of the survey, conducted by Chamarajanagar Deputy Commissioner Charlata Somali, was that 640 houses were damaged due to heavy rains in the border district in November.
Recognizing the extent of the damage, the woreda administration began distributing compensation to residents in accordance with the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) guidelines.
Ragi, sown in all the history of Chamarajanagagar – Hanur, Colgal, Chamarajanagagar, Yelandurur and Gundlupet – and as a result the crop was destroyed on 2,014 hectares. Paddy crops were destroyed on 24 hectares, Jawar was destroyed on 184 hectares, bananas and papayas and others were washed on 107 hectares.
The NDRF directive can provide 6,200 railcars per hectare for irrigated crops and a total of 13,500 rubles per hectare of irrigated land. Meanwhile, damaged homes are divided into three categories: A (damaged homes), B (severely damaged) and C (partially damaged). The houses that were completely demolished will cost 95,100 birr, while those whose houses were partially damaged will pay 5,200 birr. In addition to the NDRF Corpus, residents will be compensated by the regional government, estimated at 5 million birr. It was given to repair damaged homes.
Chamarajanagar Additional Deputy Commissioner Katyanidevi SS told TOI that all information on crop loss in the district has been uploaded to the BHOOMI app. “We will send the compensation directly to the farmer’s bank account. The woreda administration has sent details of the farmers’ losses and damage to the house to the secretary general of the Revenue Department. A central team is coming to the woreda to assess the district’s crop losses,” she said.


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