Chandigarh – At the first house meeting of the new MC boss, councilors will pick holes in the work

The first general assembly meeting under the new Municipal Corporation (MC) Anindita Mitra saw a number of complaints and grievances against MC officials.

From the response of the authorities to the decision-making process, there have been complaints about Mitra’s reinstatement. One week ago, on August 23, Mitra took over as MC Commissioner.

Baraktia Janata Party (BJP) councilor Shakti Prakash Devsali raised the issue of deforestation: “We are working tirelessly to plant trees and make the city green. But the authorities either turned a blind eye to cutting down trees or made it their business. For the past four months, I have been raising FIR registration regarding the removal of a tree in the industrial area.

Councilors also complained that authorities did not even file police complaints when MC property was stolen from parks.

‘Council members withdraw from decision-making’

On the issue of road suppliers, BRP City Chief and Councilor Arun Sod said, “The MC House has ignored the decision to include council members on the city’s sales committee. They sat in their AC rooms and made random decisions about the living conditions of the residents.

Sud alleges that MC officials are sending inaccurate and exaggerated garbage bills to damage the BJP’s chances in the upcoming election.

Senior Deputy Mayor and BJP Councilor Mahinger Singh Sidu said residents had to run for a pole to find gaps in various MC units. Required a single window system to be set up.

Responding to Sidhu’s question, Midra said, “There must be a window system for cleaning. It should be the responsibility of the MC officials, not the residents, ”he said.

Mitra also assured the council that all lacunas in the MC would be resolved. He said Mitra would report on the action on several complaints.

Other decisions

Modern Parking: A meeting with parking contractors has been called. “I will report to the council on the action taken and any penalties imposed,” he said.

Floating Solar Plant on Sector-33 Water Works: Councilors question how CREST got to the factory price. CREST also asked for a plan to plant the plant free of cost. The House asked for a presentation from CREST before making a suggestion.

The house is clean 58.93 million to develop green belt around judges’ houses in Sector 10a.

Salaries were also approved for 179 employees whose salaries were terminated due to audit objections.

The council stated that the bank has been operating without a formal agreement since 2017 on the bank’s monthly license approval agenda at the MC office.


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