Chandigarh – Consultant PGIMER asks you to change food trucks on campus

Chandigarh Consultant Darham Pall on Monday issued instructions to make the free food supply outside of PGIMER safer and to beautify the area.

To make the free food supply outside of PGIMER safer and to beautify the area, Uram Consultant Daram Pall on Monday called on hospital officials to change their services to the facility.

“The environment needs to be better protected. It is the gateway to the city, and it needs beauty. Our understanding of our city is an important part of it. Serving food here on the road is dangerous to health. An area has been identified on the Pygmy Campus and I have asked the hospital authorities to relocate it, ”said Paul, who made a surprise visit to the area on Monday with senior officials.

Many people, hospitalized patients, take free food distributed by local NGOs through vans. Paul had recently toured the area, saw the “weak condition,” and decided to bring in other officials.

Paul also instructed the Department of Engineering’s Horticulture wing to beautify the area, pointing out the lack of maintenance of the square and the surrounding area. When he saw several street vendors, he ordered city officials to check that they were allowed.

“We have not received any verbal or written orders so far,” said Dr. Jagat Ram, director of Pygmy. But if the authorities want Langar’s cars to be moved to the compound, we will definitely discuss the matter and take action.



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