Chandigarh – Garbage collectors will no longer listen to us, residents of Rawe

The action taken by Chandirgah Municipal Corporation to collect rubbish from house to house has dramatically changed the relationship between residents and landfills.

In December last year, the MC twin bin trains began to be operated by a private contractor.

While many residents have occasionally complained about the performance, they have now found even garbage collectors to be “collaborators”.

“For starters, the behavior of garbage collectors has changed overnight. They have already responded to our suggestions. But now we have no say in their work because they think they are responding to the MC and not to the residents, ”said Panjaj Gupta, president, residents’ association of Arwa, Sector 38 West.

“Although the same people are employed by MC, they have stopped collecting rubbish from the first and second floors, as they have done in the past,” said Vinod Vashsht, chairman of the City Charities Forum. This is especially difficult for seniors who cannot go down with a short ad.

“Residents have no control over how garbage is collected. There is still a lot of confusion, and neither the MAC nor the garbage collectors have any help at the moment, ”said RDA, Sector 21, author Pardep Chopra, and said the RIA could easily coordinate with garbage collectors. .

Some residents complained that the garbage was being picked up on alternate days, while others said the workers were jumping one day a week. Some say that garbage collectors have stopped asking for entertainment to pick up fruit and vegetables.

‘We only follow the rules’

“We only follow MC rules,” said Om Prakash Sani, chairman of the Chandirgah Gate to Garbage Collection Association. In terms of VV-19, we have to stay away from homes. In the case of vegetable or fruit waste, the two-bin MC vehicles are not equipped to handle it. ”

“As with any job, taking a break is a garbage collector’s right,” said Sani. Now the MC is a supervisor, not a garbage collector or a resident, so the relationship needs to change.


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