Chandigarh: MC app to automatically update service requests, complaints

Chandigah Municipality Corporation is working to improve all citizen services and use a user-friendly mobile app.

The new features will be added and the processes for using the services will be simpler and more logical in the Im Chandigarh application, which jointly offers MC and Chandigarh Smart City Limited services.

An important aspect of the app is that it automatically updates complaints and requests to higher authorities if they are not responded in a timely manner.

“All services must be suitable for citizens. Many issues today disrupt the fast and efficient delivery of these services. All 85 MC services will be simplified and rationalized so that citizens can fully benefit, ”said MC Commissioner Anindita Mitra.

After joining the post, Mitra began reviewing the work of each department and the services it provides. Attention has been paid to identifying the reasons for the delay.

Two departments – booking and gardening – have already begun implementing the changes. Maintains reservations of former community centers and other such MC properties. “I have instructed them to make changes within a week of reviewing their work,” Mitra said, adding that all departments and services will be covered in three months.

How it works

“The time frame for filing a complaint or providing services is being assessed. “We are trying to reduce the time spent on each service,” he said.

Explaining the auto-extension feature added to the app, “If a service is not provided by a designated authority, a request or complaint will be automatically forwarded after this period. To a higher authority. This helps ensure accountability and timely delivery of services.

For the provision of services, if it requires approval from a higher authority, the whole process of moving files from one table to another takes time because it is physical. However, under the revised system, an SMS will be sent to the executive authority for immediate action on the request for service. Physical approval can come even later.

All services on the app will be bilingual. Initially, users can use the services in English and Hindi, and other languages ​​will also be added to the app if necessary.

Forms required for services now have many mandatory fields to be filled out by users. Many of these are unnecessary. For example, what is your email or email address to cut down a tree in front of your home? This discourages residents from using MC services. Such unnecessary fields of responsibility are being eliminated and reduced, ”Mitra said.


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