Chandigarh MC Fund Crowd – Projects worth ₹ 380 crore in Limbo

Development makes more valuable work 380 crore – planned and ongoing – The municipal corporation may be struggling to raise money for them.

Fund-hungry MC has recently assessed its potential for expansion this year and the findings do not pave the way for the future. According to a report compiled by the U.S. Department of Engineering, the former MC For the implementation of various development projects in the city, 380 crore will be allocated to the department.

Potential impact projects include all capital works, village and zonal development work, and extended road rehabilitation.

Village development projects include the construction of new roads, rainwater harvesting and sewerage, and the installation of more than 1,000 boreholes to improve electricity and horticulture, water supply and water supply.

With the exception of funds provided for road redevelopment and storage works (water works to expand water storage capacity), M.C. He may have serious financial problems to start or complete other development projects. Every month, MC has fixed debts around it Only 62 million for a salary, ”said an unnamed MC.

There are also fears that the administration will extend the reduced quarterly aid to MCC as the Union Government imposes a 20% budget deficit.

MCC has started the current budget at a loss 670 million. On the budget For 2021-22, 1,641 kroner, only the civic body estimates 971 million in his kitty.

Debts according to the project level

Currently only part of the work is being done and the rest are in various stages of implementation.

Accountability 33 crore refers to projects approved by MC General House and the Finance and Contracts Committee (F and CC), but awaiting administrative approval. All approval projects are on site but the bidding process has not yet begun 116 million.

“Then there are worthwhile projects The bidding process has already started 71 million. For the environment 116 million worth of projects, work already assigned but these have not yet begun. Even the works that are being done are worthwhile 152 million birr is at risk, ”he said.

Recent financial inquiries

He is in dire financial straits and MCC recently wrote to the administration 26 million due to electricity bill.

Earlier, the administration did not release the full aid promised under the 13 Village Development Fund, or the MAC. 20 Kroner or these works were made by the UT Engineering Department.

“Money $ 15.85 million needed for road repairs 2.04 kroner to repair buildings, 1.17 kroner for vegetables and fruits; “

In particular, the MC has already rejected the MC request for release 90 million as additional funding for the current budget. Additional assistance was requested in lieu of a loss of income due to the persistence of water tariffs.

Mayor Ravi Kant Sharma said, “We have money for all the bids already assigned. More money is in the pipeline. For example, the administration has already agreed in principle to transfer the electric tax. A notice was sent to the Union Government on the money of the Fourth Payment Commission. There will be no shortage of funds for any of the planned development projects this year. ”


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