CHC Kezocha to facilitate a better health care delivery system

Minister S. Pangyu Pam and others graduate on September 9 at Kezocha Community Health Center (Morong photo)

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Cases | September 9

Nagangland Health and Family Safety Minister S. Pangui Pam graduated on September 9 at the Kezocha Community Health Center (CHC) in Kohima District.

Speaking at the event, Pangniu said the Primary Health Care Center (PCCC) is designed to provide better health care delivery to the public. Prime Minister Nephi Rio Rio and Youth Resources and Sports Adviser Er Zale Nika said PHC has been increased in Kezocha due to the political interest of the people of Kezocha region.

According to the Minister, the regional government will provide all necessary steps to the CHC in Kezocha to provide comprehensive primary health care. The PDA government, led by Prime Minister Nephi Rio Rio, has announced its commitment to provide the region’s people with the right medical care. He said adequate manpower should be considered in due course at the request of the people of Kezocha State.

He also assured that the World Bank-funded quality medical equipment and infrastructure will be extended to CHC Kezocha.

PWD (Housing and Mechanical) Minister Tongpan Ozukum, Youth Resources and Sports Adviser Er Zale Niika, Garden and Border Affairs Adviser Mathunung Yatan, Kohima Deputy Commissioner Gregory Tajaweli, Director General of Health and Family Welfare Dr Nikerille Kimiyao and Public Leader Zasivoto Rot said so. At the festival. The program was led by Dr. Vezokhol Teyo, Chief Medical Officer, Kohima.

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