Check out these old great adventure pictures

Sometimes I miss when I talk about the Great Adventure Race at New Jersey 101.5, where you can win free passes to ride the ‘Jersey Devil’ Coaster.

You see, before I started working on the radio, I spent 5 years in the great adventure when it first opened. What it looked like in 1974.

I arrived the following year, claiming that my high school friends, including B-Street Band Glen Stewart, would drop us off at school and let us in for free.

I was the one who actually applied.

My first assignment in the Great Adventure was the so-called “Leadership” of the Operations Service. That meant I had to control eight people to make sure that the trash was empty. I was in charge of the western part of the Great Arena.

We threw the bags into the trash and then pushed them into the compact back of the Gingerbread House. When he greeted the fans, I had to drive the chickens to the park where I was accompanied.

My next job was to be a “leader” on a roller coaster ride. There was a huge washing machine running around you attached to a wall and then I hit a button and the floor fell under you.

Sometimes people made fun of their shirts.

After that he was at the puppet theater, and Sandy David and I stood in a huge air conditioning piano and watched 15 minute puppet shows once an hour.

Here we are with our supervisor Mark.

Finally, I was on a pair of sunglasses, where I was in charge of diving and dolphin shows. We have to swim with dolphins in between scenes. Here I play chess with one another (and I lose in “Fool Friend”).

Some time later, a young man, Dan, got on board.

Sow from Dan:

A.D. Here is a specific meteorologist who worked as a rolling thunder leader in 2002. He spent 5 summers in the park, mainly in the Reds. I was a rotor (also known as Taz Twitter)!

To this day, Daniel continues to write about his great adventure.

My favorite work on the Great Adventure was all the friends I have made and kept to this day. It was like getting another chance in high school. Imagine 2,000 people, aged 17 to 22, in a large amusement park.

Let the party begin! And he did.

Here are some more shots from the previous Great Adventure. Enjoy!

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