Check out this beautiful weekend home in Hossur near Bengalru

With separate wet and dry kitchens and pools, a separate volume contains the study and the home theater – which is not normally available in the city due to lack of space.

The venue, which frees the designers from the usual limitations and now plays games with bright colors, materials, forms and textures that create a playful, refined look. “they [the Guptas] He wanted a place for experimentation and pleasure, ”said Farah,“ and those who wanted to come back for warmth, peace and tranquility. ”

Typically, gypsies spend about a week here every month, “but after the lock was posted we were spending more and more time here, and it was really good,” says Shalini. Their days here are followed by a break of coffee in the garden, some resting in the pool and then lunch. “Then I need ‘My Time’!” Shalini speaks with a laugh. Nights for long walks and post that, dinner party. “When we are here, we end up together,” says Shalini.

Growing up, Shravan also has some beautiful bike lanes in the morning, and he and Ishan play golf a few times a week on a nearby course.

Is Hosur for you?

Hossur is about an hour from Bengalru, so it is a quiet town, especially to the coast. The city is located at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level, making the weather pleasant throughout the year. “Although rain and winter mornings are my favorite times here,” says Shalini.

But moving away from the city has some challenges. Although Shalini mentions that you will get what you need for a 15-minute drive, it is reasonable to have at least some basic supplies and essentials with you. When she comes on vacation, it’s still a struggle – it’s better to be ready. ”

For those who want to get their second home here, Shalini emphasizes the importance of proper paperwork. The area around it is mostly farmland, so it would be easy if the builder also got permission to build the villa. While a gateway like this is safe from a security and service point of view, WiFi can be challenging because communication is limited. “We have power outages and waves, which means all our facilities need to be maintained. We also need a backup generator,” Shalini added.


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