Check when reduced fuel can be used

Reduced diesel (also known as red diesel) and reduced biofuels from April 1, 2022 will not be allowed to be used as they are now.

When you use certain, you can only use reduced fuel for certain purposes.

  • Machines
  • Vehicles
  • Ships
  • Furniture

If you cannot use reduced fuel, you will need to use a full fuel taxable diesel or biofuel.

The reductions affected by these changes are as follows:

  • Reduced diesel
  • Reduced Hydrotheric Vegetable Oil (HVO)
  • Reduced biodiesel and biobil
  • Fuel replacement

HVO It is a liquid hydrocarbon and is composed of heavy oil for excise purposes similar to diesel.

Biodiesel, biobil, and fuel substitutes are subject to the fuel tax when it is decided to use any of the following.

If used for heating, you will be liable for fuel. The reduced fuel charge will apply when used for non-commercial heating.

The full fuel charge applies when used for commercial heating.

When can reduced fuel be used from April 1, 2022?

Agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and forestry

If you belong to one of the following sectors, you can use reduced fuel in vehicles and machines that are used for acceptable purposes.

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Fisheries
  • Forest development

Reduced fuel can be used for acceptable purposes:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Special vehicles
  • Unauthorized vehicles
  • Some machines and equipment

You can also use reduced fuel in agricultural vehicles as follows.

  • Cut corners and ridges bordering the road
  • Snow clearing
  • Grinding
  • Assist with clearing following flooding

With the exception of roads in unlicensed vehicles, you can use reduced fuel to drive the vehicle to the destination.

If a vehicle or machine that is authorized to use reduced fuel is transported in another vehicle, you can use reduced fuel only if it is self-sufficient.

If you use discounted fuel on agricultural vehicles, machinery and equipment, you can use it for any other purpose on your normally occupied land.

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Fisheries
  • Forest development

Vehicles used on railroads

You can use reduced fuel to move and stop a vehicle designed to run on the railroad tracks, but not on tram rails.

You will not be able to use less fuel unless you have been driven by a motor that can move other vehicles or equipment, such as a refrigerator or heater.

Non-commercial power generation and heating

You can use reduced fuel to heat areas that are not used for power generation and commercial use.

It includes free public service and charitable fundraising for non-commercial purposes.

If the premises are for profit, you cannot use reduced fuel. For example, a school or hospital that charges for the premises for commercial use.

Reduced fossil fuels Other areas for home and non-commercial use, including those that use backup generators to ensure a constant supply of electricity.

You can use reduced fuel to heat non-commercial areas.

Examples include:

  • Indoor houses
  • Places of worship
  • NHS Hospitals
  • Public schools
  • City halls

Reduced fuel is still available for power generation and if contractors work there they can heat the areas they use for non-commercial purposes.

For example, contractors who contribute to your non-commercial work, including school caterers and janitors.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) and Golf Courses

A CASC It is a registered club as a community amateur sports club.

You can use reduced fuel on agricultural vehicles and unlicensed vehicles.

  • The land to be cared for a CASC
  • Golf Course
  • Golf driving range

You can also use reduced fuel on any machines or equipment used in these areas (except vehicles). This includes heating and lighting of buildings such as clubhouses and spare parts.

When working for these reasons, you can use a reduced fuel in special vehicles, for example

  • Diggers
  • Cranes
  • Mowing machines

You can also use reduced fuel in special vehicles when the vehicle goes on a golf course or on the ground. CASC, Where the vehicle is to be used.

Where the ground or golf course is located on either side of the road, the vehicle is licensed to use the road and may be used on a farm or on a special vehicle while traveling between the two sections.

Shipping, boating and shipping

You can use reduced fuel in all types of boats, except for private cruises in Northern Ireland. This includes their motors and other machines and equipment permanently on the boat.

From October 1, 2021, you will not be able to refuel your car in a private cruise ship engine in Northern Ireland.

If you buy discounted fuel for personal recreational crafts in the UK, you will have to pay extra for the amount of fuel you use to promote your craft.

Find out more about fuel in the private entertainment industry and the changes in Northern Ireland.

Travel shows and circus shows

Travelers’ circuses or circuses are demolished at least once a year and moved from place to place.

Reduced fuel can be used in machines and equipment for the following:

  • Power trips
  • Provide electricity and heating for the caravan

Reduced fuel can be used with a cutting machine or an unlicensed vehicle.

Which vehicle (including any machines or equipment) can use reduced fuel for the service it receives.

Agricultural vehicles

The farm truck is as follows:

  • Tractor
  • Single seat, light vehicle (less than 1,000 kg), designed primarily for off-road use
  • A vehicle licensed for use between different parts of the land for the following purposes
    • Agriculture
    • Horticulture
    • Forest development
  • Used, manufactured and serviced vehicles for agricultural, horticultural, fisheries or forestry purposes, with built-in or permanently attached handling and processing equipment.

Special vehicles

A special vehicle is a vehicle designed, manufactured and used in accordance with Section 4 of the 1994 Vehicle Excise and Registration Act, but without any weight restrictions.

Special vehicles include:

  • Digging machines
  • Mobile cranes
  • Mobile Pumps Vehicles
  • Work cars
  • Road rolls

Other machines, equipment and unlicensed vehicles

Other machines, equipment, and unlicensed vehicles include:

  • Vehicles or machines designed only for lawn mowing
  • Vehicles or non-vehicle machinery or equipment
  • Non-road mobile machines
  • Vehicles not parked or used on public roads, advertised off-road (SORN), If necessary, to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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