Chelsea Garden Unveiled! The RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden has now been revealed

RH has announced RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden, Designed by David Dodd at the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show in London from 21 to September 26.

Amazing, lush design RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden He will take on the biggest plot at Chelsea this year. Filling in 433 m2 gives a great description of when visitors enter the main entrance.

The purpose of the garden is to celebrate the beauty of trees and forests, and to encourage people to participate in the Queen Green Canopy initiative and plant their own trees (more information below).

Gardener David Dodd reminds us of how important it is for all of us to create a long, tree-lined area to show off the green and purple colors of the UK Forestry.

Design features -RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden

Of RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden It features 21 tall trees that have a huge visual impact on the Chelsea flower show. The trees include the multi-stemmed Swedish birch, horn, and beech. They stand proudly on the grassy plains and on the colorful wildflowers. The design is designed to provide a perfect home for wildlife.

The garden was created with the potential for bioavailability and how relatively little green can be packaged in green.

Of the 3,500 plants included, we see APneumonia ‘September attractive’, unsealed box ball covers (this reduces the chances of a more natural look) and saxifraga ‘Kinky Purple.’

Of RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden It also features three grasshoppers depicting the relationship between nature, agriculture and the countryside.

Design features

  • 21 trees
  • Grassland
  • Wildflower Plain
  • Suitable for wildlife
  • 433 m2
  • Unchecked box covers
  • Color planting
  • 3 hay statues

    David Dodd has been involved at Chelsea for years but this is his first garden. Commenting on the design, he said: “I have built many gardens in RHS Chelsea but this is the first one I have done and I love the message of the garden. In fact, I hope it will encourage everyone across the country to participate in tree planting.

    “Whether it’s a small single tree in someone’s garden, or participating in community projects to plant new wildlife or forests, we can all do our part by creating better habitats for wildlife and helping fight climate change. And happily – October is the perfect time to plant trees! ”

    More from Chelsea 2021:

      What is the queen’s green cover?

      Queen Green Canopy (QGC) The tree-planting initiative was launched in 2022 to celebrate the glorious Platinum Jubilee.

      QGC is asking the public to start planting trees from October 2021 until the beginning of the 2022 season. You can plant a garden, community space, school or workplace in your garden. – Everywhere, really! Permission to plant on public and private land must always be sought.

      Get involved

      The idea is that the new trees will be part of Queen Elizabeth’s legacy following her 70 years of service. The project promotes sustainability and environmental sustainability and will benefit future generations for many years to come.

      Tim Upson, Director of Horticultural Education and Communities: . Planting trees is something that all gardeners can do to cope with climate change and help wildlife. By planting trees, 30 million British gardeners can work together to create a legacy for future generations.

      “We hope that the garden will inspire millions of people in the United Kingdom to ‘plant a jubilee tree’ at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show,” said Sir Nicholas Bacon, chairman of Queen Green Canopy.

      “The jubilee is an important event. In 2022, the Queen will be the first emperor in British history to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee – 70 years of service.

      Queen Green Canopy is giving everyone a chance to celebrate this wonderful chapter by carefully planting trees, planting them at the right time, in the right place, for the next generation.

      What will happen RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden After Chelsea?

      Trees featured in RHS Queen Green Canopy Garden All will be transferred to the RSS Garden Bridge in Salford, Greater Manchester. As part of the QGC initiative, they will create three new corpses in the Victorian field.

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