Chestnol Hill Horticulture Fund Annual Spring Plant Germantown Avenue Burns

For the 18th year in a row, Germanta Avenue is bursting with colorful flowers planted by dozens of volunteers.

At the popular annual event, more than 50 volunteers joined Chest Hill Hill Garden District Fund Fund staff to plant 3,000 plants representing 51 different annual species in berths, window boxes, hanging baskets, parks, and other green spaces. In Chestno Hill at the end of May. Now those flowers are hitting the turbulent peaks, and there is no better time to visit Germata Street than one of the country’s main thoroughfares.

“Every time I walk or walk down the street, I feel very proud of our volunteers and staff, the hard work and the culture of gardening,” said Emily Dechler, president of the Garden District Fund. The beauty of your neighborhood. “It is a gift to see the flowers you plant grow and change. It calms the soul. ”

In addition to barrels, boxes, and baskets on Chestet Hill, volunteers and staff from the Garden District Fund planted flowers in barrels at Bethlehem Pike and Everigrin Streets, Peace Park (Germata Street and Mermaid Lane). Gedel Park (Germantaw and Crescendo Valley Road), and around the north and south gates to the Neighbor Gob, two new signs welcoming visitors.

This year’s spring planting gallery is highlighted in yellow, yellow, purple and blue. According to Deutschell, the precious canary yellows – for example, in the barrels on the “Lady Primus” Marigolds flowers in barrels – are a tribute to the founder and first president of the Garden District Fund, Dotte Sheffield.

“Yellow is the same as Dotty,” says Dashler. “She is powerful. The yellow fall of the Chess Hill street trees is an example of her vision and design. ”

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2021 spring planting of the Garden District Fund had profound implications for volunteers and visitors.

Paul W. Meyer, executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Morris Arborum and retired Ephraim Otto Hass, said retirees have something to do with being out of the natural environment. .

“Our hope is to inspire and inspire others to come out and decorate their green spaces,” said Meyer, who now co-chair with Susan Peck of the Parks Foundation.

Annual events in barrels, boxes, and baskets were designed by Dehler and Garden District Fund Horticulture Manager Judd Fredman, who thanked Deachler for his daily care for the spring plantings.

Do you want to support the Chestnut Hill Garden District District Fund by donating “street flowers” ​​or join future volunteer efforts? Contact Kate O’Neill at Chessnol Hill Business Association at


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