Cheyenne Botanic Gardens hosts Community Planting Day.

Classes and workshops for all ages are offered during the summer

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens (710 S. Lions Park Dr.) will host the 8th annual Taco Jones Plantonium on Saturday, June 11 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Plant Pondimonium is a summer culture here in gardens and it celebrates the beginning of the season for us,” said Tina Worthman, director of the Chayen Botanical Garden. We look forward to working with the public to further our mission of beautifying, inspiring, and educating our community.

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The Taco Jones Foundation is supporting the event, which will transform the outdoor courtyard by bringing thousands of flowers from spring to summer. The tradition began in 2015. Members of the community will be asked to bring water bottles, sunscreen and their own towels and gloves. All ages are welcome, and no experience is required. The plants and instructions are provided by the gardeners, and the participants plant flowers in the yard.

“We could not do it without the strong will of Chain,” Wortman said. “Come for 30 minutes or an hour or two. Last year, dozens of people helped out in one day, and we were very excited.

In addition to the plant pandomonium, the Cheyenne Parks will have full classrooms and workshops for adults and children, including the Highland Avenue Avenue on the afternoon of June 11th. Interview with Exhibition Artist Bria Hammok on Sunday, June 5th. And a yoga series on Monday morning in June. Full story time and STEM activities are planned for children in Paul Smith Children’s Village.

“We are working hard to bring a variety of enrichment opportunities to the people, and we are encouraged by the demand. Classes will be filled quickly and sold,” Worthman said.

Please visit to view the full summer schedule and events.

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