Chinese greenhouse gardening should also have a new innovation without the government

China is a vast, agricultural country. Most of the farming is done in greenhouses. These are very simple, technology-wise. “You build a concrete or concrete ladder,” said Robert Keizzer. Wall type. ”

He is a Cuban man in China. Kubo is a Dutch greenhouse project management company. “Then you put a film on the side of the sun. And below that you grow your crops. It’s very simple, but it works.”

But of course, it can be more efficient and energy efficient. “Those greenhouses have worked well for years. But about eight years ago, the Chinese government took a different approach. They began to emphasize modernity. Raw materials are on the rise. And they want the square to be more effective, ”says Robert.

Added – Climate change. “These types of greenhouses do not always do what is required. Therefore, people are trying to find more reliable systems, taking into account the food supply.”

Government-sponsored modernization
People have come to the Netherlands in search of modern farming methods. Over the past eight years, Dutch companies have built several modern greenhouses in China. These are usually display systems.

“Those greenhouses, unfortunately, have not always been commercially successful. But the Chinese government did not give up. In any case, farming has to be modern. ”

Chinese officials have offered large sums of money and resources. So, there are many modern, commercial greenhouses in the country today. Many were built using Dutch technology. Sometimes it was built by Dutch technology providers. Kubo was allowed to build a good number of them.

Business success
The Chinese are also building a modern greenhouse. These often contain high quality Dutch technology. They are all completely modern. But these big projects do not provide the modernity that the government wants to see. A project should not be just modern; It must also be successful in business. And that is sometimes missing.

“Real long-term innovation must make money,” says Keizer. Government subsidies will never end. At some point, the business world will take over. We are not there yet. “

Fortunately, there are exceptions. “One of our partners in China is such a difference. But for every project that meets Western standards, there are at least ten, perhaps more, that will be spent on running each year, ”concluded Robert.

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