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The education of the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) is dynamic. Think of the academy as a large classroom – here, classes take place, anytime.

In classrooms, students will be challenged in Latin, multidisciplinary arithmetic, organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology, economics, art, computer science, and 23 AP courses. Beyond classroom, you will find strong resources on an expanded campus – students will see learning in action at school, in the city and around the world.

In eagle farming, students develop agricultural skills by working in aerospace, hydroponic and soil-based development systems. Calculates production costs, develops marketing campaigns, builds mobile sales platforms, and plans for long-term growth potential. CHCA students create student-run clubs that teach struggling struggling local elementary school math skills, manage nonprofit improvement projects, and build homes for needy families.

In this independent school, students are considered, discovered, tested, failed, and enriched by the uniqueness of Christian teachers and the countless opportunities available to them. As students engage and grow in knowledge, spirituality, and social issues, they are finally prepared to grow up in college and beyond.

Our changing world needs deep-minded, problem-solving and creative leaders:… Our high school is creating opportunities for young women and youth to participate in the world and shape the future. We are happy for the future. We are happy with what our students are doing, ”said Dean Nicholas, PhD.

The first incubator for future entrepreneurs

To be successful, entrepreneurs need the right mindset and the right training from an early age. The CHCA Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Program teaches students to think like business leaders.

“At CHCA, we don’t just talk about entrepreneurship,” said program director Stephen Carter. “Our students go out of their way: from start-ups and marketing a product, to running a regular business on campus, and CHCA students take creative lessons and collaborate with real-world learning.

The reason for this approach is practical. The only way to prepare students for an uncertain future is to provide them with the skills they need to thrive in times of crisis and to encourage new ideas. In short, to help them think like entrepreneurs. That’s how we work in CHCA, ”said Carter.

What distinguishes the CHCA program is its additional focus on sustainability. Every student is immersed in the need to make decisions based on moral cleanness. This is reflected in the enduring experiences of their student-run businesses.

Young entrepreneurs at CHCA acquire the skills needed to grow through entrepreneurship and sustainability programs. Source – Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

“Entrepreneurs are more than business owners: they are visionary problem solvers, hardworking entrepreneurs, out of the box,” Carter added.

The two-year certification program includes opportunities to develop skills in fruit and vegetable management, e-commerce platform management, coffee shop operations, printing shop production, professional practice and self-guided stone paving project. “The program not only stimulated my desire to be an entrepreneur, but it also gave me a lifetime of leadership, curiosity, and a passion for coffee,” says Alma and Megan Peck.

The joy of sharing

CHCA students are aware of the purpose of their education, even though it is a community service. That is why the CHCA Student Organized Service (SOS) program emphasizes the importance of identifying and sharing one’s gifts and talents.

“Through SOS, students open their eyes to human needs in our local, national and international communities,” said Karen Hodinsky, SOS Faculty coordinator. Sevented by faith, leadership, and initiative, seventy SOS student leaders coordinate opportunities for more than 40 nonprofit community participation opportunities. Fundraising for cancer research, leading out-of-school children after school programs, cooking dinner in the soup kitchen, or leading local forest development efforts, our students’ eyes are open to the needs of the world.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

At CHCA, students have a platform to thrive in all aspects. Source – Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

SOS allows students to practice their unique strengths not only for themselves but also for the benefit of many. They educate, visit the elderly, support women in Kenya, build social bridges with community access, and address homelessness. He recently served in support of an SOS team Summer Scholars Local elementary school. Another group a Environmental cleaning And learned how transportation access affects communities. Listen to other local leaders on the challenge of accessing healthy food for low-income families and elderly citizens.

At CHCA, Horinsky adds, “Students learn how to use their skills, strengths and critical thinking skills to solve social problems in their community.

Exploring the world

CHCA caters to students from across Ohio and around the world. Through intertersession, one of the most unique programs of CHCA, students have the greatest opportunity to learn, grow and participate in the real world.

Whether it’s Roman history in Colossae, singing in Kenya, biology in the swamps of Florida, or exploring Alaska wildlife – the possibilities are endless and constantly changing. CHCA faculty members plan and participate with students on these two-week trips each year.

“We learned about Parthenon in class,” one high school student shared. But when I traveled to Greece, I first saw how architecture really is about the people of the country. Their architecture contains their history. ”

In 20 years, students have participated in more than 350 discussion courses and trips. Dan Grantham, who has led the internship for 16 years, has raised thousands of dollars for CHCA students, boldly overcoming fears and expressing their wealth, among others. “Visiting is not the best education,” he says. “He’s experiencing it.”

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