Circumcision of trained manpower is a rotten policy

The government’s assurance that there are well-known current employers in selected countries is not enough to correct its rotten approach to labor supply, said National Garden Development spokesman David Bennett.

Prior to the Delta Covide outbreak, the government announced that RSE workers were from a number of countries.

“While the government’s decision to approve some RSE workers may provide some signal relief, it does not change the fundamental flaws in the main decentralized labor supply policy.

“For example, we see a 15 per cent increase in labor costs in the Kiifrit industry, and the Apple industry, which still has a gap in the supply of backward labor.

“Restricted labor supply market is an approach to the distribution of income from the manufacturer to the workers.

“Net results are poor production, low investment, high prices for consumers and a lack of global market access.

“Restricting the supply of labor to achieve social change is an economic attempt to decay the wine.

As we emphasize the need to move to environmentally friendly products and save exports, the wrong cuts of our horticulture sector will be a loss to all New Zealanders.

Oo Scap Media

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