city-gro, inc. To attend HC Wayne Wright’s 23rd Annual International Investment Conference, …

HCWay Wright 23rd Annual International Investment Conference, September 13-15-Bradley Natrasus, Chairman and CEO, will update investors on the company’s growth in the controlled local agricultural industry.

NYC AgTech Week 2021, Sept. 23 at 1:30 PM ET: Jim Dennedy, President and CO, discusses “Capital for Regional / Global Expansion” panel

Greentech, September 28-30: Exhibition at Vertical Farm and Medical Cannabis Tent

Greentech Expert Level, September 29 at 9:00 ET ET: Bradley Natrasus, Chairman and CEO, Participates in a discussion on “Market Awareness, Challenges and Opportunities – Drug Cannabis.”

Lafayette, Colorado, September 13, 2021 (Globo Newsweire) – City-Grock, Inc. Domestic Business Cannabis and Food-Based Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) Facilities, HCWWW 23W Annual International Investment Conference (September 13-15), NYC AgTech Week 2021 with three leading financial and horticultural events. Participate in. September 23-25) and Green Tech in the Netherlands (September 28-30).

Bradley Natrass, chairman and chief executive of the city, said: “The global expansion of cannabis and food-focused agricultural markets, the owners, investors and regulators of the industry are keen to produce safe, effective food and cannabis products.” Gro: “The City-Group is pleased to have the opportunity to update the investment and horticultural communities at HCWine 23rd Annual International Investment Conference, New York Agtech Week 2021 and Greentech, International Fruit and Trade Fair.

The details of the city-group participation with each event are as follows

To plan an initial consultation on home design and farm optimization in Greentech, EMEA-Region Food Directive and Cannabis farmers, investors and owners should contact Renner Donkersloot at Renner has more than 15 years of experience in the horticulture industry, specializing in food production systems and vertical farming.

Investors should contact for more information on investing in downtown Gray.

About Urban-Gro, Inc.

urban-gro, Inc.® (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated building, engineering and agricultural systems integration company for indoor commercial cannabis and food-intensive environment (CEA) facilities. In hundreds of millions of square feet of CEA facilities around the world, we integrate architects, engineers, designers and complex environmental systems into high-performance facilities.

Once operational, the Urban-Gro-Care Care ® managed services platform uses the company’s expertise to reduce organizational time, provide continuity, and streamline facilities. Working as a crop-agnostic solution provider in the food-oriented farming and cannabis CEA sectors, our crop-based end-to-end approach provides a level of accountability in all emerging sectors.

Visit to learn how we help farmers grow vegetables and groceries.

Investor Relations Contact: Dan Droller EVP Corporate Development and Air Urban-Gro, Investors @

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