city-gro, inc. VP talks about revolutionary cannabis technology at Berlin International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC)

Development Systems Integration Company, Urban-Gro, Inc. The Vice President of the company announced that the merger of the facility will be held at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin, Germany on August 26-27, 2021. It operates, designs and integrates urban-grossing complex environmental systems into high-performance facilities, covering hundreds of square feet of facilities around hundreds of CEA-controlled facilities around the world.

Lucas Targos, Vice President of Institutional Integration, will speak at the “27th Cannabis Technology Revolution in the Growing Industry” on August 27th at 2:20 p.m.

“By expanding the medical cannabis market in Europe, the owners, investors and regulators are keen to produce safe and effective cannabis products,” Mr Targos said. “Working in Europe is very similar to the United States, because each country is developing a regulatory framework that is consistent with its cultural norms and government policy goals. We integrate customers earlier in the planning and design process to deliver efficient and profitable facilities. Technology plays a key role in the development and operation of every project. ”

Mr. Targos will use 15 years of crop and agricultural management experience to narrow the gap between commercial gardening and cannabis industry as vice president of Urban Integration. He has worked with hundreds of farmers around the world to develop innovative automation designs and practices to reduce the efficiency and cost of production. The diverse administration of cannabis and fruits and vegetables makes it an asset to the highly controlled agricultural solutions industry. His experience has provided successful solutions to agricultural challenges, as well as the ability to integrate more established and regulated industrial policies into a dynamic cannabis landscape. Mr. Tagos holds a degree in environmental studies from Fort Lewis College in Durago, Colorado.

City-Gro is also an exhibition at the event, with sales and technical representatives at booth 46/47 for meetings.


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