Clarion County Master Gardening Classes will begin soon

CLARION CO., P. -Clarion County Master Gardeners’ Virtual Courses begin in October.

(Photo by Penn State Master Gardener in Clarion County)

Want to learn how to grow fruits, vegetables, trees and ornaments? Are you interested in learning how to start a plant, researching diseases and pests, and joining a community of like-minded gardeners to share with others in your community? Penn State Extension Master intended to be a gardener, but don’t know where to start?

The Penn State Extension Master Gardener Program provides gardening training to interested individuals. To consider a master gardener training program, visit the Clarion Master Gardener website and complete the online application. Once you are admitted to the training program, there is a $ 200.00 fee for program materials and instruction.

Master horticulturists complete at least forty hours in subjects such as intomology, botany, soil science, pest control, plant propagation and communication skills.

This year’s training will take place in October and will run from the first Thursday in October to March 2022. You will need a computer or electronic device and secure Internet access to participate in the training.

Clarion County Master Gardeners participate in a variety of services, such as answering indoor gardening questions, maintaining pollen and display gardens, and reaching out to the public through newspapers, radio, local shows, and events.

Questions can lead to Andy Faust [emailĀ protected]

More information is available on the Clarion Master Gardener website.

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