Cleaning will continue in the Tule River Parkway Gardens

It was already warm on Saturday, August 28, in the gardens south of the Tule River Parkway. Katie Capon, president of the Tuli River Parkway Association, worked hard all day to clean up, drop plant containers, and work at 9:00 a.m. William “Be” Ken from Cork’s landscape design. Replacing gardens, water valves, and timers, brushing, and removing invasive trees.

On Saturday, August 21, cadres from Stratmor and Berton Elementary and Middle Schools said they had done a lot of work in the garden, and she was very pleased with what they had done.

Fifteen of the various parks in the parkway are maintained and cleaned once a month by community or educational organizations, school districts, family, community members and students.

Hillside Serenity Garden still needs adoption.

Each of the gardens is designed using a variety of plant-based plants using California native plants to show what the orchards look like.

In the Hillside Serenity Garden, a large shrub, native to Tulare County, has a fragrant yellow flower that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and is easy to care for. Other plants in the garden are white sage, walnut yucca and buckwheat.

The Butterfly Residential Garden was built by Scout Trop 638 with the girls and their parents on a willow enclosure surrounded by indigenous dairy products, sunflowers and other plants.

There is a magnificent four-story garden with a rich fig tree in the courtyard, built by Stratemoor and Burton School district cadres, as well as the beautiful willow forest.

A.D. Another garden that was planted in 2020 was a year-round colorful garden by Lithicia Baron and her family. It has lush tropical willow trees in bright pink or velvety colors. Indigenous wildebeest comes in many colors, including pink, white, purple, and honey.

As Ken and Capone walk down the garden streets, Kin answers questions about watering systems and maintenance, and Capon helps him fix water valves in gardens.

Nancy Bruce and her friends had a lavish daisy called daisy on the beach, a native plant, and wild marigolds full of yellow fragrant flowers.

Gardens are the only place where you can enjoy work or mornings or relax when the weather is cool. There were few cyclists on the roads or few runners in the morning. In the morning, gardeners and gardeners will be able to enjoy the garden and enjoy the garden.

The California Indigenous Plant Association has a garden near the Tule River Parkway sign and at the beginning of the demonstration garden project with rocks, red California native Fuchsia plants and other vegetation.


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