Cleveland County Arts Council garden, to accommodate outdoor living

Art Outdoor, Organic Shape will be on display at the Cleveland County Arts Council 2022 Garden and Outdoor Tour.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 4 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The self-guided tour includes seven outdoor residences and a “work of art”.

Places to visit include:

Pine Hall, Andrea Pots

224 Fairway Drive, Shelby

Andrea and Patrick Potts bought Pine Hall in June 2016.

Earl and Montrose Mechum They built the Pine Hall in 1973. Many of the features of the house are preserved in historic homes in North Carolina, including Lock Shack, now known as Love Shack, in honor of the second pastor, Frank and Virginia.

The gardens at Pine Hall include the Southern Garden with hundreds of species of plants, including boxwood, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, orchards, Laurel, Azalia, roses, foxes, holihox, iris, hostess, and more. The gardens in Pine Hall are a memorial to Patrick Pots, who, along with his wife, had a vision of renovating this house and gardens.

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