‘Climate action and environmental sustainability are the demands of the hour’ – 30 quotes a week on the Indian business card

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India has international technology companies’ remote development centers and its own technology companies, which will create nine million jobs in the IT sector in India over the next several years. – Nandan Nilkani, Infosis

Degree jobs for most people in India. – Ravish Agrawal, Potential Works

While Metro offers students many options, they are small towns where we have seen gaps in mentoring and testing. – Mitsh Shah, Infection Point Ventures

The fact is that all the code courses currently on the market are available in English only. – Sharad Bansal, Tinkley

Coramangala, once known for deceiving beginners, has now handed over the baton to the HSR. – Shesh Rao Paplikar, BHIVE

India is now flying high in Unicorn. – Prime Minister Modi

What we often hear from beginners in the Asia Pacific is that when they open successful solutions in their home market, it is challenging to hit that next level of expansion. – Sipu Lim, Visa

The main thing when we talk about the next half billion is to meet where they are and not consider where they want to be. – Viraj Tyagi, eGov Foundation

A well-designed and clear regulation on cryptos makes it easier for crypto innovators to provide safe and secure investment for those who want to invest and invest money. – Anirud A. Damani, Art Venture Fund

India’s home care and personal hygiene category is huge, but there have been relatively few innovations over the past decade. – Harry Primcomer, DSG Consumer Partners

Women in India often use online information and products to find solutions to their anxiety. – Deep Bajaj, Sirona

As government policies evolve to support stronger and more open supply chains, it has never been a great incentive for fruit and vegetable farmers to grow and prosper. – Ananda Verma, Fasal

The industry in India should consider supportive technology to be commercially viable. – Chapal Khasnabis, WHO

I saw this [intimacy coordinator] If work is not obeyed, it will be a strong guide for people in India to practice. – Aastha Khanna, a collection of caring

Currently, only 50 million Indians trade online. The prospect ahead is to duplicate it. – Kumar Abhishek, Tonetag

With the exception of Net Bank and Mobile Banking, banking in India has not changed significantly over the past two decades. That is changing now. – Sandeep Laxman, AWS India

Money has become a digital product in India. – Rahel Bhargava, Incred

Although India is home to many SMEs, most do not receive financial support. – Aloe Metal, Indifi

E-commerce is still in its infancy in India. We see great potential in many consumer sectors. – Nitin Agarwal, GlobalBees

The impact of GOST prices on textiles and clothing will not benefit anyone. – Kumar Rajagopalan, RAI

They are expanding ecommerce markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and India is in the same position as it was three to four years ago. – Kapil Makhija, Unicombers

Our vast Indian mythology is an unlimited source of wisdom. – Arpit Bakshi, Maha Vishnu Trilogy

India’s rich heritage and history of art and weaving are on the verge of extinction due to lack of awareness and interest. – Sucania Bhattacharya, Prata

India’s health care system, designed for emergencies and infectious diseases, has failed to provide the most basic care available to patients in need. – Rakesh Shivran, a Kerr

Unorganized and fragmented, the online pharmacy is particularly interested in adopting the online platform among retailers over the age of 45+. – Naaman Ambavi, Easocare

Most [jewellery] Designers have no distribution. – Varuna D Jani, Ruani

In India, about 7,000 people die of starvation every day, and about 20 million people sleep on an empty stomach every day. – Nilay Agarwal, Vishalakshi Foundation

Social influences are not as easy as in our country. The right things have to be built. – Aditya Shankar, Doubtnut

Most fires in India are caused by short circuits of electricity, mainly caused by poor quality cables and cables. We need to invest more in quality than cheap products. – Shreegopal Kabra, RR Global

It is planned to set up roadside services in 600 locations over the next 5 years, all of which will have the necessary EV filling infrastructure. – Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

There is no doubt that green mobility is in demand in the country. – Satva Group

Climate action and environmental protection are the urgent needs of Indian cities. – Kushagra Srivastava, Chakr invention

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